"Close your eyes" She whispered

"Listen to the stars"

She he let the heaven-song resound

"But they had seemed so far!"

As she reached to touch the moon

A simple smile and breath-light laugh

She directed at him

"Near and far, both then and now"

Starlight reflected in her grin

So he reached to touch the moon

"Let's make a pact, now and forever"

He suddenly exclaimed

"Never grow up, always free"

And they smiled over words exchanged

Then reached to touch the moon

Days would pass under sun's gaze

Time would carry on

But every night two hands would rise

A childhood never gone

Since they remembered to touch the moon

Days would turn to weeks, months, years

And finally, it came

The full-moon night that lit the graves

When only one hand raised

Desperate to touch the moon

Years to decades life went on

Adult despite the pact

But one man kept a peculiar habit

A son asked "why do that?"

When he tried to touch the moon

The saddest smile graced man's lips

A simple explanation

"I promised I would never forget

The girl of stardust and imagination"

Who left to touch the moon

When man was old and worn out

All gathered for last night

He received a visit from long-past friend

The girl of starstuff in his sight

And so they went to touch the moon.