On one of those pretty May days,
That happens in the south
I saw your face,
Thought I had found my place.
But we were just kids,
And we'd be playin' 'round in sixth grade math class.

Every time someone came along
And said, "can I have this dance?"
I always said,
"No you can't!"
Cuz I had this special boy
And he waited for me when I got hooooome
I looked at him and got so happy
I wanna scream Hallelujah
Cuz I really thought he loved me
Guess I. Thought. Wrong.

Well September came, Those dreary days
Yeah it always rained.
By then we were in seventh grade,
And you just thought that we were so grown up...
But we were cuttin' people down,
Pushin' them around
To get what we wanted all the time


I marked the date.
The January 5 of seventh grade.
You looked at me and said you were leavin' here,
And couldn't come back.
So I ran home from school screamin' I hate you!
Locked the doors when I got home
My mama told me that boy would only bring me pain
So I told her I hated her too
Ran up to my bedroom and wrote this song about you...

I guess I thought wrong abou-out you...