I was so close to dying

A couple weeks ago

I had thought it was the end

There was so much I hadn't done,

So much I wanted to do.

I didn't want to die

I knew I needed to be strong and hold on

My life wasn't over yet

My life seemed to flash before my eyes

Those moments when I thought all was lost

When I had thought there was nothing left to life for

I was wrong

So wrong

I had so much to live for

It took me this moment to see

This moment of almost dying

To make my world clear to me

I almost lost everything,

Everything I ever care about

I thought I had wanted something different

I thought I had wanted the blessed nothingness to come

In reality I was just scared

But now I just want to move on

I have seen the light

And felt the power of it that night

The eternity beyond

Is not as blissful as once imagined

The nothingness

Is not going to set me free.