Chapter 4: The Battle.

It was hard to find our way into the city without being caught, but Marabella found a way and we made it into the castle.

"How are we gonna get that peach?" I asked.

"We'll both distract the servants and guards while Vara sneaks into Vinika's throne room. We'll flee from the city and get back to Pa-pa." Marabella told us.

Vara wore a black cloak so no one would notice her. (We discovered many of the servants wore black cloaks). Me and Marabella wore very similar outfits.

As we walked into the kitchen, a guard called us.

"You! Who are you?"

"We're some of the servants." Marabella said, her red hair shaking.

"I know almost all the maids, so tell me the truth or I'll arrest you." he threatened.


When Vinika found out her crystal ball was smashed and the peach was stolen, she was furious.

"You were meant to keep a close watch on throne room!" she raged at the elderly wizard.

Jalkei, the wizard, was very confused since Vinika never told him any such thing.

A soldier entered the room.

"What do you want done, your highness?" one of her solders asked.

"Seal the building. No one is to go in or out of the castle. Find out who stole the peach, whoever it is, is sentenced to death."

The guards left and Vinika turned to Jalkei.

"You are to go to the dungeons until this is solved. Were you helping the thieves?"

"No, your majesty, I'd never betray you!" Jalkei squealed.

"I don't believe that. I never believed that, or you! You'll do as I say or die. Choose now!" Vinika screamed.

"I'd rather die. You know Ellana's daughter Tristinieta is the rightful heir to the throne. We both know it."

"ANYONE WHO SAYS'S THAT, DIES!" Vinika screamed.

Jalkei was turned to stone, like Da'hern.


We were all put in the dungeons. All except Vara.

"What are we going to do?" I asked Marabella.

"I don't know. But we must figure out a way to get out of here. Otherwise Vinika will win. Hopefully, Vara wasn't caught."

I hoped so too; I hoped that everything would go as planned so I could see my mom and daddy again.

A guard opened the door.

"All prisoners are going to be inspected."

"Why?" a girl in her cell growled.

"It is a notice by Queen Vinika." He snapped at her.

We were right next in line to the girl who was in her cell.

"My name is Lealei," she whispered to me and Marabella, "I heard your names and heard you mention Vara. Do you mean Vara Cenga? Are you the Cenga family?"

"Yes, I'm Marabella Cenga, if that answers your question. My father is Mothahew Cenga and is home." Marabella leaned as far as possible to Lealei "we're here to recover the peach, Vara has it. I hope she's gotten out of the castle by now."

Lealei stopped talking when the guards snapped at us for doing so.

Then all of a sudden, I saw Queen Vinika, in person.

She was much more intimidating than I imagined. Ugly too.

"One of these servants or prisoners is a traitor, has betrayed this nation, and worst of all, committed a crime worse than murder. Treason. The punishment is death. Now take off the cloaks! Or I'll kill you all myself."

I hesitated.

"What wrong with you girl? Take off the cloak!" Vinika roared.

"Never! And I won't let you have that peach either!" I screamed.

She pulled the robes herself, and saw my face. She recognised me.

"Ha! I should have known it was you, Tristinieta! Where is the peach! Answer me!"

"Leave your cousin alone! Or you'll do something you'll regret!"

It was Vara! She had come back!

Cousin? What was she talking about?

"You knew I was her cousin and never told me?" I said, turning to Marabella.

"My father ordered us never to tell you." she replied.

"Your father never told you about my sister either, did he?" Vinika demanded, turning to Marabella.

"You have a sister?"

"Edithia Charmenga. She had long red hair and lovely green eyes, she was a beauty, everyone loved her. She was a relation to you, a disgrace to our family. She went away and had two daughters. She was your mother." Vinika said to Marabella, spiting the words.

"Your idiot father never knew a thing! My soft little sister didn't have the heart to tell anything to the man she loved so. So he'll die never knowing that I'm your aunt."

"I wish you weren't my aunt." Marabella snapped.

"VINIKA!" a voice screamed.

"Who is that?" Vara asked.

"Lealei. She was a girl who kept us company in the prison." I said.

"Everyone knows that your aunt Ellana died when her daughter Tristinieta was born, that makes Tristinieta the rightful heir to the throne. You know it, I know it, we all know it." Lealei told her.

Vinika had a rage so huge I thought she would burst.

"So get out to where you belong, it certainly isn't here." Lealei continued.

"Guards! Come here and arrest all of these idiots!" Vinika cried, ignoring Lealei's last words.

The guards just stood there.

"I said arrest these idiots at once!" Vinika cried.

"They are torn between you and Tristinieta, the cruel tyrant or the rightful heir. We all know what the choice will be." Lealei told her calmly.

Lealei looked younger than me and acted as if she knew a lot more.

"Now, Tristan is your first chance to be the ruler of these lands. Drive her out! Now!" Lealei cried.

"Guards! Drive this foul woman out of my kingdom." I screamed. I put emphases on the "my."

The hundreds of guards chased Vinika away from what used to be "her" castle.

"Fools! You don't know what will happen without me here. You don't!" Vinika screamed.

"Yes I do, Mother." Replied a voice, it was the girl leading the army.

"Lai-moon, my daughter, how could you betray me? Why are you chasing me away?" Vinika asked softly.

"Because you deceived me all my life. That's the worst thing a mother could do." Lai-moon told her, "I know that your cousin will claim the throne, the peach will be locked away where you'll never get it, and you'll never be seen again.

"Take her away!" Lai-moon ordered.

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