March 1993

The First Piece: A Family Portrait

There they are. The perfect family. A mother, a father, a sister, and a new baby. Another little girl with perfect, peachy skin and a soft buzz of hair, curled in a fluffy pale blue blanket, sleeping. The mother, holding the baby close to her chest, lying in a hospital bed, flanked on either side by the husband and daughter. The father puts an arm around all his girls and grins for the camera. "It's a miracle baby," they keep saying, repeating it over and over like a chorus in the background. "Beautiful little Cathy. A miracle baby." A nurse bustles around them, straightening the bed sheets, refilling the water, peeping at the baby. The atmosphere in the room is one of pure joy, and it permeates into every corner of the room. Standing beside her mother, the older daughter pauses in the excitement to take in the feeling. There is indeed a first time for everything.