Freedom of religion, ha! That is one of the many lies that this nation tells people. You don't believe me do you? Well guess what, I'm living proof of that. Still unconvinced huh? Well allow me to tell you my story.

Some people worship Buddha, some people worship Allah, some people worship God, some people worship Jesus. I worship Satan.

I belong to a secret society of Satan worshippers. We have our traditions just like any Jew or Catholic would.

Part of our way of worship is sacrificing a child to our lord. I know you think of us as monsters for doing this but I assure you, this is the same as communion for us.

Each Sunday night, a member is chosen to make the sacrifice. The sacrifice would gain us all favor in Satan's eyes. That night I was chosen. My job was to abduct a five year old girl named Tina and take her into the woods where I would lay her out on a tree stump.

I was then to tie it to her and pray out to Satan. I would then pull out our holy knife and stab six times with it. When I was to finish, I was instructed to drink her blood.

So after receiving my instructions, I left to fulfill my task. I drove to the little girl's neighborhood and parked the car in front of one of her neighbor's houses.

I then sat in my car and waited until all the lights in the neighborhood went out. Once that had happened I got out of the car and walked up to her house.

I climbed over the fence, so I could get into the back yard. Afterwards, I made my way to the back door and picked the lock before entering the house.

I crept through the downstairs, making my way to the stairs. I silently walked up the stairs and proceeded through the hallway.

As I went through the hallway, I realized something. I didn't know which room was Tina's. How could I have been so stupid, so careless?

It didn't matter though, I decided, I would just open each door just enough to peer in. I opened the first door and looked in. I saw a boy, obviously the wrong room.

I went to the next door and opened it. It was the parents. I then went to the final door in the hallway and opened. It was Tina.

I quietly opened the door and slowly entered the room. I looked on the floor as I walked toward her bed, trying to make sure that I wouldn't step on anything.

After reaching her bed, I looked down at her. She was a pretty little girl with blond hair. No wonder Satan wanted me to sacrifice her to him.

I then covered her mouth with tape. She woke up from that, her bright blue eyes opening wide. But it was too late to scream.

She tried jumping away from me but I, being an adult, easily overpowered her and put her in my sack I brought in with me.

She tried thrashing through it, desperately trying to get out. It was so pathetic. I had to keep myself from laughing.

I then dragged the sack out of the room, to the hallway. I must say though, she did make it hard for me to drag her. Eventually, when we were halfway to the stairs, I lost my cool and just kicked the sack. The struggling stopped.

I smiled at that and proceeded to drag her down the stairs. Before I could get to the bottom though, the struggling resumed and I am ashamed to admit it but I lost my balance and tripped over the sack, sending me down the stairs onto the hard floor below.

I hit the floor hard. It both hurt my face and made a loud noise. I sat there stunned for a few minutes before regaining my senses.

I looked over and saw that Tina was now getting out of the bag and I heard her parents getting up.

Satan, forgive me, was I thought to myself. I then jumped to my feet and ran to Tina just as she yanked the tape off her mouth. She screamed out for her parents to help.

I became so angry that I just punched her in her face. She fell onto her face. She was out cold.

The damage had already been done though. Her father ran over to the top of the stairs and saw me. Without hesitating he charged me.

He was so angry and filled with the intent to protect his family that he failed to notice me pull out my holy knife.

He threw a punch at me which I dodged. Before he could do anything else I stabbed in his heart. I pulled the knife out as he coughed up blood and fell towards me.

I moved out of the way and let him fall down the stairs. I looked up and saw the mom at the top of the stairs, crying. I almost felt sorry for the whore.

I then got back to my job and put Tina in my sack and carried her out the front door. I then walked through the driveway, and through the street, before reaching my car.

I went to the back and opened the truck before tossing her in there. I then got into the front seat and drove out to the woods.

Once I reached there, I got out and went to the trunk before getting Tina out. I then dragged the sack over to the tree. I pulled Tina out.

She was awake now and crying. "Please don't hurt me," is what she said. I ignored her pleas and laid her down on the stump.

I prayed out to Satan, asked him for power as well as favor to me and my fellow believers. I then pulled out the knife and prepared to stab her.

Before I could, I looked into her eyes, pleading eyes and began to doubt what I was doing. Could I really do this? Could I really murder a child? Of course I could. It's for my god. I'll do anything for my god. Just like you'll doing anything for Jesus.

After overcoming my hesitation, I brought the knife down on her six times. The first time she screamed the second she only weakly cried, and the third she passed out. By the time I was done she was dead.

I then looked down at her dead body. Her pick pajamas were stained in blood. Again I felt some remorse but I quickly prayed for forgiveness for the inexcusable remorse.

Before I could do anything else, I heard sirens. I ran out of the woods, to my car but the cops were already there. There were two, each had their guns drawn. They ordered me to drop the knife which I did.

I was then cuffed and brought to the squad car where I was then asked of the location of the girl. I told them where she was.

Before I knew it I was arrested on the counts of kidnapping, breaking and entering, and two counts of murder. I was easily convicted. I was put on death row. I could have gotten out of it if I had revealed the identities of my buddies. But naturally, I refused. I won't betray my religion.

I prayed that the cops, the prosecution, the judge, and the jury would be destroyed. My prayers haven't been answered yet, but I know they will one day. One day…