~ Winter's Cold Grasp ~

Summer's blanket, swept away

Once again by a too fast year

Fall baring the branches

Stripping them of their green beauty

Soon Winter's disease comes to infect you

Clenching your soul with a dark, empty feeling

Silence, the impenetrable mirror,

Reflecting the screaming, silent ghost of Past.

You know it's there, eating away at your

Memories, haunting and black, re-emerging.

Try to run. Try to hide. You may succeed.

But they're screams will pierce through the mirror

Soon enough.

They'll wrap their thin fingers around you,

Encase you in a cold grasp.

And suck you into the deep abyss

Destroy what's left

Soon they'll retreat, knowing you've had quite

Enough for one year. Waiting and waiting

Until finally begins

Round 2.