How We Take Each Other's Love

An Original FictionPress Work.

Dedicated to Life, it's funny how it keeps me guessing.

Chapter 1

I'll start at the end. It's a happy ending. He was sleeping beside her. His steady breathing interrupted by random snores kept a smile on her face. She was wide awake, it was her first time, it was their first time. Her mind wouldn't let her rest. Her chin quivered, she was at the brink of tears, again. If he was awake he would tease her,

"Those better be happy tears." he would say with mock disdain.

She sniffed and wiped her face in the sheet. Then she reached over and stroked his cheek feeling the stubble in the early morning hour. She was wondering if he was real, she never thought anyone would be able to understand her. Her touch awoke him and he turned startled until his eyes focused on her. In an instant the evening came back to him, he smiled back at her. He stretched and turned to face her. He reached his hand through his hair and gave a scratch at the back of his head before laying his arm onto his side.

"You OK, Shabby?" he asked using his nickname for her. Shabby smiled, she still remembered the day the nicknames erupted out of a very bad joke and somehow they stuck. She was Chablis, as in the white wine, and he was Dubonnet Rouge, or Shabby and Dubi (from the pronunciation Du-bin-ney )the Rogue (he once had a love with French wine and something some people smoked... and he had this weakness for a certain type of woman...well, you'll get to know him better later)

"Yeah, I'm fine." said Shabby. "I can't believe what we did tonight."

"Believe it, babe. You were amazing." said Dubi. He watched her tilt her head down and he knew, even if it was too dark to see clearly, that she was blushing. He pulled her to him and held her. He kissed the top of her head. "You liked it?" he asked. "I mean,..."

"Yes." she whispered into his chest. She was holding back tears again. She pushed out of his hold and got out of bed going straight to the bathroom. "Be right back." she said.

He just thought she had to go to the bathroom as the light went on, he didn't catch that she was on the verge of tears in his sleepy state. He watched her walking, naked, and wondered how he could be so lucky to find her. A moment later he heard the water and then she was coming back to bed. He looked at the clock, 2 AM. He yawned and stretched again as she climbed back in under the covers. She cuddled up to him.

"Go back to sleep, Dubi." she said. He took her face in his hands and with all seriousness asked her,

"Do you know you just walked naked from the bed to the bathroom and I watched you?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's OK. I think you saw more then that earlier, and since you're still here..." she answered.

"I'm still here." He answered.

"So, how was it really?" he asked again.

"It or you?" she teased. "What are you waiting for a review? What do they say? The waves crashed against the shore? Stars went shooting across the sky. "

"Well, yes, but did you like it?" he asked.

"Yes, mister Dubi, everything is true I ever heard or read about you. You are a lusty animal in bed. That is YOU, they write about in that girlie magazine, isn't it? " she leaned forward kissed his lips and then whispered into his ear, " The invasive procedure worked doctor, I think you'll get the Nobel Prize. Either that or I'm newly a-dic-ted to you. I hope you don't mind if I just hang around and loiter in your life for a while, seems you're the one that gives me orgasms. Thank you, oh thank you" she teased back and then turned away and snuggled into the covers. He curled into her and held her tightly.

"You're welcome," he said. "I like that part about the lusty animal."

"You've earned it." she said and then yawned.

"Sorry, you're the one who awakened the animal, you're not going back to sleep just yet." he said as he rolled her over.

(A/N) Well, it's a start. I want to disclaim that there will be a lot of references to George Harrison's song Isn't it a the title. I listened to it while writing most of this. I just need to clean it up chapter by chapter.

Next chapter...flashback to how they met.

He was finally talked into shopping at a unisex jean shop and the very first he goes to try on some clothes he pushes open the door and there she was, in nothing but panties putting a shirt back on a hanger.