How We Take Each Other's Love

An Original FictionPress Work.

Dedicated to Life, it's funny how it keeps me guessing.

Chapter 2


"Jason, hear me out." said Phil.

"No way, next your going to have me signing up for dance lessons." said Jason.

"Oh, there was a time, old man, when you would have signed up for a knitting circle if it meant some cute skirt was going to show." laughed Martin.

"I'm not the 'old me'." said Jason. "When Victoria left me for another guy, my eyes opened up real wide. I mean, we had our friends with benefits, but she was tired of the old me, I... I was too. I've cleaned up my act, don't try to get me messed up again." pleaded Jason.

"Whoa there, buckaroo." said Phil, "Will you just listen? We are all proud of you. That She-Devil who shall not be named is gone, good riddance. You don't have to pick out a rocking chair yet with her sulfur still floating in the air. This isn't about finding a date, OK? This is about getting an updated wardrobe. Go to the Jean Shack, the place is hot. It's all about being unisex. You find some twenty-one year old to dress you in style. Yes, it means spending a buck. But I think you will feel better about yourself. That's all. You don't have to come out of there married." said Phil

"But if you have a cute sales girl, get me her number." said Martin.

"I'm not dead yet, I'll take the number." said Jason with a smile. The guys laughed.

"Alright then, Jace, we'll see you for dinner, next Saturday night, the usual place, the usual suspects, and you," Phil points his finger at Jason, "If you chose to accept this assignment, all fixed up." said Phil. The group broke up and they made their way out the door to the parking lot. It was Friday night and still pretty early. Jason did have some papers to grade, so he thought it best to head home.

After an early evening he woke up before the sun. He decided to take a jog and when he returned he showered for the day. Once he was dressed he thought today would be a good day to hit the mall. He drove there and found the parking near full.

"What the fu..." said Jason aloud. "You'd think Christmas was next week." He found a parking spot and he got out and locked his door. He looked around and didn't see anyone he knew. He walked in and found the store on the mall map. He walked into the Jean Shack and was immediately greeted by two giggling teenage girls.

"Hi and welcome." said both girls at once. Then one continued.

"Sorry, that was in stereo. Are you looking for something in particular? May we help you?" asked the second girl.

"I'm told a I need a new wardrobe. My jeans date me as old." said Jason, lifting his arms out. He spun around. "Can you help an old professor?" asked Jason.

"You're not too old." said the first girl.

"You look good for your age." said the second one. Jason held back laughing at what they thought were compliments. Then he thought of what he could teach them if given half a chance. But, he didn't go after jail bait, so he stood and smiled meekly.

"I can help you, follow me." said the second girl, and he did. When she had picked out four pairs of jeans and four shirts, either black or white and they were all loaded in his arms she asked him to try them on and show her. She would let him know how they looked. She pointed to the changing room in the back of the store. When he got there he looked for a sign to show him where men go to change, then he noticed, guys and girls walking back there together. The sales girl came up behind him.

"Anything wrong?" she asked.

"I was just looking for the men's changing area, but I see..." he said.

"Oh yeah, it's unisex." she said. "Some of the doors stick, so you may have to give a good push to open it."

"Thanks, alright." said Jason and he went around the corner. He found himself in and odd runway looking hallway with mirrors at both ends and little stages. The doors were painted like an audience watching the models float down the runway. He figured this out, by watching the teens doing just that. He went about halfway down and still didn't find an open dressing room. Finally, two more doors down a girl told him the stall next to her was open, some one just left. He pushed on the door, with his shoulder because his arms were full, but it did not open. He remembered what the sales girl told him about the doors sticking and he rocked back and then hit the door hard with his shoulder, the door buckled and the flimsy latch gave way under his force. He stumbled into the small cubicle space and right in front of him he saw a vision. He knew it had been a while since he had sex, but this chick was smokin' hot. He stared from her head of flowing long blond hair, to her beautiful face, down to perfect breasts that she was covering up with a shirt halfway on a hanger. His eyes kept traveling on their own down to her flowered panties, smooth legs, and finally unpolished toes before they let him look back up because she was screaming.

"Alright, bud, show over." said a large bouncer. He was yanked out of the dressing room and two sales girls went in, shutting the door.

The bouncer then opened the next door and pushed him in and shut the door. He dropped his clothes in a heap on the floor. He wanted to climb up and look some more, instead he just looked at his own reflection. His face was beet red. How long had it been since he blushed? How long had it been since he became unable to move in front of a woman? He sat on the small seat in the corner. There as a knock on the door.

"Sir? You ok?" asked a young girls voice.

"I'm fine." he answered. "Everything alright, next door?" he asked with a dry mouth. "I didn't mean to go in there, I thought it was empty." he fumbled to explain.

"She's fine. We gave her 50% off." said the female voice. " It's only a body, we all one, right? Show me an outfit when you have one on. I'll be right outside."

He thought to himself, "We do NOT all have a body like that, sweetheart."

He put on an outfit and went to show the sales girl. He could not find her right outside and as he was looking someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and was swallowed into two large, green eyes. He'd know them anywhere, the girl from the dressing room. He stood there, mouth slightly agape.

"Hey, I'm sorry I screamed in your face. I mean, the door bursts open and you practically fall on me." she said and then laughed nervously. "Wow, to be flashed this early in the morning, hope you won't lose your breakfast." she said laughing.

He thought to himself, "Lose his breakfast? He was thinking he can't remember getting that hard, that fast, since high school. Oh, and she was welcome to flash him any time, any where." he smiled.

"No, I was just stunned by the door opening., I didn't see a thing." he said.

"I tried to cover up, reflex I guess." she said and looked down at her shoes.

"May I buy you a coffee or some lunch? It is 11:30. he asked and he had no idea where it was coming from, but he didn't want to lose her.

"Hey, sure, I could use some tea. it is my lucky day. First, I get 50% off, now this." she said.

"My name is Jason." said Jason, reaching out his hand.

"Ariela." she answered. They shook hands and he turned to walk with her. He picked up her bag to carry it for her. "Wait." she said.

"What?" he answered.

"Are you wearing those clothes?" Ariela asked.

"Oh right, I was just trying them on." he said.

"They look good." she said. He looked into her eyes and could see her as she was earlier deep within her green eyes with gold flakes.

"Thanks. I'll be right back. He found the sales girl and had her take the tags off of what he was wearing and then he bought the whole lot without trying anything else on. The sales girl was all giggles at the commission she would be making. She ran and got the clothes and rang everything up. Then she had all of his things in three bags for him when he paid the bill. He never once looked at the final price, odd for an economics professor.