you twist me up inside
and you know it
i know you know it.

it isn't fair, because
you're funny and blunt and intelligent
and just a little bit broken
(and let's be honest, i have a saving-people-thing, dont i?)

every word you say leads me to
another secret to learn, another
code to be cracked.

you exhaust me. you know?

because i can never understand
what you want, what you're
looking for
in me, in everyone else.

don't know if you feel entitled,
or just afraid. and sometimes i think
you're playing me for a fool,
using my need to smile and my
fear of hurting other people
against me.

but other times i'm certain
you're finally letting down your guard,
trusting me with something inside of you,
something real.

i want to help you,
but i'm afraid i'm just a game
to you, and i
couldn't stand that.