Like a cold hard rock resting on my chest,

Like molten lava from a volcano,

It hurts to think of the eternal rest

That's pulling him, I don't want to let go.

Memories are illusions made of glass,

The broken edges now stinging my heart.

We breathe, we blink, and the moments just pass.

And then death is here to do us part.

I beg, I plead, but you are busy in books,

Being stone cold legends that give false hope.

You give, but look at all the things you took-

First tightening it, then cutting the rope.

And to left and right my vacant eyes dart,

Dreading the moment death will do us part.

A/N: I lost 3 cats last month. 1 more is critical right now. When you watch someone struggling to a painful death, it kind of leads to questioning God.