How to survive sixth form.

If you decide to do sixth form at the end of your GCSEs rather than get a job or go to college then there are a few things you need to know. Here are my ten helpful hints of how to survive sixth form.

1. If your sixth form college also teaches GCSEs than you need to hate mainschoolers because of reputation, teachers hate mainschoolers, sixthformers hate mainschoolers, mainschoolers hate each other. So in other words if you want to fit in than hate mainschoolers, it's an unwritten rule.

2. You also need to be aware of another unwritten rule, if it's ten minutes into a lesson and your teacher still hasn't arrived, leave, there is no point wasting your time if the teacher isn't there.

3. If you stay on at the same school you did your GCSEs at, if there is a subject you did badly in at GCSE than try to avoid the teacher that you had for that subject otherwise it could lead to rather an awkward conversation.

4. Get your head down and concentrate on your studies , especially in exam periods. But you can't ditch your friends all the time, just spend slightly less time with them than normal so you can study, they'll understand, chances are they have exams too. Find a good work-life balance.

5. Sorry but it has to be said, do your homework, if you don't you could risk getting kicked off whichever course the homework's for and have to pay for your entry - for a BTEC I'm doing if we don't do all the pass work, at least, then we could get kicked off and have to pay £100. A lot of people don't have that sort of money to spare, especially if you get kicked of all your subjects.

6. If you can take four AS levels then do, even if you only take three into A2. That extra AS could give you the edge over another person for a university course or a job. It is possible to take five AS subjects but that means a lot of work.

7. Actual A Levels are considered to be better than BTECs by university so only take one or two BTECs maximum if your looking to go to university, but if you don't sit exams well or don't want to go to university than feel free to take as many BTECs as you want.

8. If you are applying to university and want some information e.g. when their open days are, then call them yourself, they don't want to talk to your parents and most likely won't listen to what your parents have to say.

9. If your struggling with some work ask your teacher, they're there for a reason.

10. When choosing what AS or A2 subjects to take, it's best to take subjects that you're not only good at, but enjoy as well. If you're not interested in the work, you're not going to pay much attention then you won't do well but you need to be good enough at the subject to get onto the course in the first place, many AS subjects need at least a C, but more likely a B at GCSE and A2s need at least a D at AS.

Those are my ten helpful hints of surviving sixth form.