(A/N: Okay, so this used to be called The Legacy Chronicles, and for anyone who read that story, sorry I got back so late! Anyway, this is only the first chapter so….read on! )

"That'll be five silver credits." The cashier said with a distinct lack of caffeine-induced energy. Fifteen-year old Jonathan Cade handed her five silver-gray bills and took the black gloves off the counter. Nodding his thanks, he quickly pushed the door open and was gone before the little bell stopped ringing. Once outside, Jonathon ripped the tag off the gloves and put them on. This was the one reason he loved winter, he could walk around wearing gloves and no one would suspect a thing. Pulling his hat farther down over his blonde hair and keeping his brown eyes on the sidewalk, Jonathon made his way home.

He was a block, maybe half of a block away from his house when he saw the soldiers and involuntarily started walking faster. The closer he got, the clearer it became, they were at his house, but for what reason? He was across the street when he saw the hazardous material people and the yellow holographic electric fence tape around his house. Two armored vehicles sat in his driveway. Ten soldiers kneeled down on the sidewalk in front of the house, with two on the left and right sides of the yard. Guns were simultaneously loaded and aimed, a clicking sound echoed in the seemingly empty suburbs. The leader of that particular squad, identified by the singular blue strip on the back of his gray helmet, stepped up to the door and knocked three times. Jonathon's mom, Clarissa Cade, answered the door. From across the street, he could see her mousy brown hair tied back messily, and she was still wearing her stained, dull pink apron. The soldier's loud monotone voice could be heard all over the neighborhood.

"Something illegal is hiding in your household, ma'am. Surrender it and we will go."

"Illegal?" Ms. Cade yelled. "Nothing illegal has ever walked upon my property, and I will keep it that way!"

"Oh no…" Jonathon whispered. "It's..."

"Search the house!" yelled the leader. "Bring out all the others!" At the command, four soldiers pushed Jonathon's mother aside and walked slowly into the house, guns raised and ready to fire. It was dead silent, until a child's scream rang out in the still air.

"What are you doing to my daughter? Leave her alone!" Ms. Cade screamed. She turned to run back inside, when she was grabbed by the commander and thrown on the grass. A minute later, two soldiers came down with something held between them, and the other two were close behind. The little blonde girl was thrown onto the ground, next to her mother. It was Cassandra Cade, Jonathon's six year old sister.

"Check their hands." ordered the leader, gesturing to the two crumpled figures on the ground. Even though it was blocked from his view by the soldiers closing in around his family, Jonathon knew what was happening. His mother and sister were having their right index fingers checked to see if they had the mark, the mark that identified them as mutants, which just happen to be illegal in Laurasia.

Everything got quiet once more, and then a sudden movement caught Jonathon's attention. One soldier had cocked and loaded his gun, pointing it near where Cassandra was,

"Stop!" a voice cried out. It took Jonathon a second to realize it was his own. Then he was running across the road and into the group of soldiers. "It's me." He said breathlessly. "I'm the mutant."

"Step away boy." Commanded the leader, trying to push Jonathon aside, but he stood his ground.

"Don't believe me?" Jonathon yelled? "Well here!" He held up his right hand and ripped off his glove. A dark skin discoloration made a thick spiral around his index finger, part of the results of exposure to the radiation from the bombs dropped about five years ago in Avalonia, the continent directly south of Laurasia. The other part of the results was mutant powers. "I'm the mutant!" Jonathon yelled. "Take me and leave them alone."

The leader merely nodded to the two closest soldiers, and they came up to him, grabbing his arms and locking them in cuffs behind his back. After opening the back door to one of the armored vehicles, they threw Jonathon inside. A pale, scared face pressed itself up against the fiberglass. It was his mother.

"Why? Why didn't you tell us? We could've-"

"No. I wasn't gonna put you in that position. I'm dangerous, and it's safer this way. Safer for you."


"I don't want to go. I don't want to leave. But don't fight, you'll only get hurt." His voice dropped to a whisper. "I'll find a way out, I promise. Tell Cassandra everything will be okay. I love you both." He barely got that last part out before the car engine started and drowned out what his mother was replying. As it pulled out of the driveway and into the middle of the street, he saw the aftermath. Little black boxes were removed from the ground, making the yellow tape disappear into thin air, the cars sat there in the driveway with thick black smoke pouring out into the air. Vaguely, Jonathon remembered today was Third Day, the day when the biosphere's pores were opened and the community was aired out. That was the last complete thought he had, because the cabin filled with Fog, a sickeningly sweet gas that was used to send anyone within a few feet into complete unconsciousness. As the car began to drive down the road, the pink gas clouded his vision, but not before he saw Cassandra's light blue eyes fill with tears.