The sky was pitch black. The moon glowed in the clear night sky. Boats rocked slowly back and forth in the docks. Everything in Chesterville was still and quiet. On the east side of the town on Hickory Lane there was a big mansion which was light yellow in color. There were many bushes surrounding it and there was a large, old oak tree in the back.

The mansion was owned by Captain Cocoa, as the townspeople called him, and he was a retired ship's captain. Nobody quite remembered why or how he retired. One ancient ferret claimed he saw a great snake steal Cocoa's ship right from the docks. No one believed him; for he was said to be crazy.

We might as well start our story before I bore you to death with details. Our story really begins inside Captain Cocoa's mansion itself...To be more precise though, it begins this night, with his maid.