Chapter 38

Five years later

"Yes mom I'm fine. I'll be down in a minute!" I shouted down the stairs. Today was the first day of the rest of my life. Graduation day. I sat at my vanity and applied my mascara and some lip-gloss. I was just getting ready to head on down, when I heard the light pitter-patter of feet coming toward me.

"Mommy!" Madelyn, now five, ran to me and jumped into my arms. I lifted her up off the ground and she instinctively wrapped her arms around my neck and nestled her head in the curve of my neck.

"Hi sweety. Oof you're getting heavy." She giggled at my pretend struggle to hold her and put her back down on the ground.

"Mommy, did you see the cake!" Her big blue eyes glowed with excitement as she said the word Cake.

"Yes I did, Maddy, but we have to wait until afterwards to eat some ok. Mommy has to have the ceremony first."

"You gonna walk 'cross the stage!" She clapped her hands with excitement as she said that.

"Yes exactly." When Madelyn was born and word got out that I was raped, the school officials decided to allow me back in, on account that my mom threatened to sue if they didn't, meaning that today, I could graduate with my class. The class of 2015.

"Mommy, is Griffy gonna be there?" Over the years, Griffin and I had developed a close bond. Currently, he and I had been dating for three years, and he was more like a father figure to Madelyn then anyone had ever been.

"Yes, sweety. Griffin will be there too. Want mommy to braid your hair for the ceremony?" She nodded jubilantly, climbing onto my lap while I started brushing out her long blonde curls. I was being allowed to have Madelyn walk the stage and sit with me during the ceremony. I had requested it, especially because she had been the biggest cheerleader for me, except for Jesus of course.

At the party

The ceremony was beautiful. Now we were in my backyard eating cake. Madelyn was in her chair munching happily on the piece in front of her. Griffin was over the house as well. He had graduated top in out class and was headed to Brown in the fall. He was determined to get a good job to help me raise Madelyn. No matter how many times I told him it wasn't his responsibility to raise my child, he always insisted.

"Laura, can you come here please." Griffin was hiding behind the pool. I told my mom to watch Madelyn, and I whisked away to see what was up.

"Hey what's up?" I kissed him on the lips. And sat on the ground next to him. He took my hands in his and started to speak.

"Laura, we've known each other since the day I moved in across the street from you. And I have loved you ever since. The past five years I spent getting to know you and Madelyn. I consider her my own child; I love her so much. And I hope that someday, we could have a child together. I love you Laura. And" He got down on one knee and the breath I had been holding disappeared. "I was hoping that one day you could, marry me sometime?" He pulled a ring box out his back pocket and inside was a beautiful diamond ring. The tears started streaming out of my eyes as I looked from him to the gorgeous ring. My answer was as spontaneous as the question.

"Yes, yes Griffin I'll marry you."

And that is where my story ends, and my life with Griffin and Madelyn begins.

Dear God,

Thank you so much, for sending my father to jail, sending me Griffin, and giving me Madelyn. You don't understand how much I love you. Continue to watch over my new family and me. And keep us safe from harm and give us all that life has to offer.

Your truly,

Laurajo Phillps

The End

Well there you have it folks. Thats the end of Laura. Thanks for reading. Not sure if I'm going to post a sequel or not. Leaning towards not. Love you all thanks for the support.