Searing pain in my

Left shoulder is making it hard

To keep myself 'wake

L auren?' Ask I, sick and woozy

I see fuzzy shapes leaning over me

F eeling my forehead

E van,' One shapes says softly, 'Lauren's dead.'

Convulsive shaking

Reality is fading

Vision going dim

B rief flashes

R eality and dreams intermingle

E van? Please stay with us.'

A nother, distant voice.

T hey want to put you down,

H elp your case, fight it.'

E ven if she pleads, it's difficult.

Funny how it works

Turns out that 'light' is only

A thought and a false hope

G oodbye…' I sigh

O nly a few hours

Now, and I'll be off

E van isn't waking up this time.