So, Naruto had come to terms with his sexuality and how he completely loved to fuck arse-holes and in turn, get his arse-hole fucked by gloriously huge cocks. And he knew he had the body and the cock to back it up. Big deal. He was feeling kind of lonely as he knew almost, if not all of the males in The Hidden Leaf were straight. Plus, he was a virgin. His cum-shots were powered by fantasy alone. That's when his blissful, red-hot, passionate adventure began.

So Naruto was just casually going about his daily business (eating ramen, training, wanking etc…) when he came across the "clothed" hot springs in The Hidden Leaf. "This is one of the major benefits of being gay", he thought, "I can go in the men's!". Typical Naruto, definitely Pervy-Sage's pupil, alright. Always thinking about the sex, always the sex. So, he stripped off, (apart from his swimming trunks) leaving his towel ready at the side when he spots Kiba Inuzuka, his ultimate crush.

The reason Naruto fancies Kiba so much is for 5 simple reasons, really. 1-Cock, Kiba has a huge, horse-cock; a good 10" at least, would definitely fill up Naruto's arse. 2-Balls, Kiba has perfectly round, animal-size balls that sit perfectly beneath his cock to complement and complete his manhood. 3-Arse, Kiba has one of those arses that's nicely sized, well-toned and Naruto would do anything just to be able to touch it. 4-The fact that Kiba is an animal. Animal sex with huge manhood, YUM! 5-Kiba is simply drop-dead gorgeous in an animalistic way.

So, he spots Kiba and instantly feels his cock hardening inside his shorts. Kiba wasn't even hard at all and his bulge was clearly visible inside his trunks and very wet as he had already been for a soak; Naruto had to resist the urge to stare gleefully. Just thinking about having that juicy package rammed up his arse-hole made him want to cum, right there on the spot. However, Kiba spotted Naruto looking and looked a bit embarrassed and left the hot-spring even though there wasn't really anyone around. Damn!

Naruto was disappointed but still had a soak and got out afterwards, leaving to go back to his house and sleep as he'd had a hard day working. When he got back to his house however, he found a lovely surprise waiting for him. Kiba Inuzuka, wearing his usual black leather jacket and sexy black trousers (again, bulge showing through the trousers) was standing, waiting outside his front-door.

"I saw you looking" said Kiba; he had a small grin on his face, though. Confused, Naruto started: "I'm really sorry, it's just-. " "No" Kiba said as he embraced Naruto in a friendly hug, though, Naruto could feel something different about this hug… Naruto invited Kiba into his home and was beginning to become very confused "Is Kiba gay, what was that hug all about and why did he have a grin on his face?" Naruto thought to himself. To be honest with himself, Naruto was actually getting rather excited.

Kiba settled in and they began to talk about what just happened. "Naruto", Kiba said "I'm gay, and I want you to be my boyfriend." This shocked Naruto as this was very sudden and he was pretty much speechless, until Kiba said "I have been hiding it until I could tell you!" This shocked Naruto even more, after all that, Kiba fancied him anyway, happy times! "Kiba…" Naruto moaned, and they pulled into a sexy embrace as Naruto felt Kiba's powerful tongue slipping inside his mouth and Kiba's package getting bigger as it pushed against Naruto's hard package. Kiba grabbed Naruto's arse and felt it up, Naruto touching Kiba's arse, his life-long dream! It was amazing for Naruto.

After lots of passionate kissing and touching, they concluded that they both needed a shower, desperately. This was a happy coincidence as they could have a shower together as they were now boyfriends. This really excited both of them as they wanted to see each other naked so badly. As a ninja, you are told not to display emotions or affection, whatever the circumstances. Did any of the ninjas in The Hidden Leaf follow this rule? No. Quite simply put.

So they both stripped off in Naruto's bathroom and Naruto was, obviously, incredibly excited at Kiba's attractive body. However, Kiba was even more pleasantly surprised at how Naruto's body was actually very attractive as well. He had a nice big cock, not as big as his own but still very large. He also had a wonderful arse with what he hoped was a tight bum-hole, but he also had a lovely torso and legs with just the right amount of muscle for maximum pleasure. Simply put, Kiba wanted to smash Naruto's back gates in.

They got in the shower and got wet and it seemed like Kiba was going to be the dominating one of the pair in this relationship as Naruto immediately starting sucking on Kiba's cock (finding it hard to fit it in). Kiba was moaning and groaning and eventually Naruto stopped as he wanted to save Kiba's cumshot for inside his arse-hole. Kiba was licking Naruto up and down (especially around his cock and balls) when he reached Naruto's bum-hole. Naruto seemed a bit nervous but Kiba reassured him as Kiba had done this before.

Naruto was on all-fours and Kiba was eating-out Naruto's bum-hole from behind him with his powerful mouth and tongue. Naruto moaned especially when Kiba penetrated him slightly with his tongue. Naruto was in a state of bliss. The time had come. Kiba positioned himself and, with a sexy grin on his face, pushed into Naruto with his huge 10" cock, all the way in, up to his perfect little (well, huge) balls. This filled Naruto up and Kiba felt, in fact, that he couldn't go any further in so this was probably going to be some good sex. Kiba was still kissing Naruto and stroking his penis which made Naruto feel the pleasure side of his arse-hole being fucked. Kiba, however, was enjoying the tightness of his no-longer-virgin boyfriend's bum-hole.

Naruto confirmed that Kiba could move so Kiba started in long, slow strokes, Naruto loving every minute of it. Not soon after, Naruto wanted more so Kiba got faster and faster and faster, whilst wanking Naruto's cock. Kiba never stopped using long strokes so all throughout the sex; Naruto could feel Kiba's huge cock inside him, sliding in and out… This eventually awakened Kiba's animal side and that meant Kiba got very passionate and he was fucking and wanking Naruto so hard that they both came, Naruto on the floor and Kiba shot his cum inside Naruto, both of them moaning and licking each other on Kiba's way out of Naruto.

That night, Naruto and Kiba slept together, they still needed sleep from the training that day.