The Leech's Kiss

The very one that took me and ravished me.

The cruelty of which it holds is blackest as pitch

Yet still, the heart of which it came is not so.

The leech- the envisonment of my love

The purest form of my soul.

The owner who forever changed me with a kiss.

The Kiss-the final piece of the Leech

The very thing that took me away and changed

my very core.

It left me weak and unsteady

Sallow and alone.

Making my heart hollow, the beats only

echo endlessly; their calls left unanswered.

This was my parting gift from the Leech,

The last memory of our horror.

It was a cruel parting gift yet-

Is it so wrong to want it once more?

The Kiss took every ounce of golden life

I carried within

Sucking it from me, giving it to him.

But as it stole, I stole from it.

Snatching remnants of love.

Golden heart for a bit of blackened love.

That is the Leech's Kiss.

A Kiss

A Trade that begs to be done again.

So please…may we repeat the Leech's Kiss?