Third pov

Summer walked into the kitchen of her small house, thinking it would be a normal day. Like every other day. She smiled at her mom and took the milk from the fridge.

"Hi, sweetheart." Her mother said, kissing Summer on the forehead.

"Last day of school." She said, a big smile on her face. She was excited about today. It was her last day of high school, her last day of being a kid. She would miss it. I mean, who wouldn't?

"You seem excited." Her mom said, setting a plate of bacon on the table.

Summer shrugged and took a seat at the table. She knew she couldn't sit still for long. She was too excited. She would be graduating next week. How could she handle that?

"Oh, Summer, can you pick up milk after school?"

Summer nodded. "I guess so. Where's dad?"

Her mom, Diane, sighed. "He went to work early. He won't be back until five."

"Leaving early and coming home late? That doesn't sound right."

"Yeah, well, his boss isn't exactly smart."

Summer laughed and looked down at her phone. She was late. "Oh, mom, have to run. I can't miss my last day."

Diane smiled and it brought tears to her eyes. Her daughter was growing up. How was she supposed to take it lightly? Her first and only daughter was graduating, soon to be leaving for California. She wouldn't see her daughter until Christmas. It seemed like a dream. To everyone. "Have fun, sweetheart."

Summer laughed. "I will. Love you."

Her mom kissed her forehead. "Love you, too."

Summer headed out quickly, forgetting her phone on the table, and drove off to school.

Summer sighed and shut her locker for the last time. Graduating. How could she take all that in at once? Her life seemed so short now that everything was almost over. She would become an adult and leave everything she was used to. She couldn't describe how she felt. It was beyond bittersweet.

She walked out to her car, being one of the last students at the school. She sighed and got in, taking one last look at her school. She would miss the place so much. It brought tears to her eyes.

She took a deep breath, started the car, and left the parking lot. She was officially not a high school-er She drove to the simple store just two minutes from her school and got out. She walked in and grabbed the milk from the back freezer. Easy-peasy.

She turned around to walk to the front desk and pay and became face-to-face with three bulky guys. One of them grabbed her arm, forcing her to drop the milk. It opened along the side and gushed out it's insides.

The second one moved up to her ear and spoke quietly to her. "You're with us now, got it? You're going to leave with us as if you came with us. Understand?"

She was so scared. Why would someone want to kidnap her? She didn't know what to do but agree with them.

"Good." He said with a smile. "Now, take Alex's hand and follow me out." He nodded to the guy holding my arm.

His hand slid down to mine and gripped it tightly. "Let's go, beautiful."

Summer swallowed hard and followed Alex and the second guy out. The third guy stayed inside.

Alex led her to a simple car with a full bench front seat along with a backseat. He lifted the seat for her and pushed her into the back. Her crawled back beside her and grabbed the duct tape from under the seat. He wrapped it around her wrist and legs quietly, making sure no one around would notice.

Summer didn't know what to think. She was so scared, more than she was inside. What were they going to do to her? And why didn't she have her phone to call for help?

Alex smiled at her as the third guy got in, holding three cartons of cigarettes. Alex kissed Summer on the lips before pulling the seat belt around her waist. "Good girl."

The second guy started the car and pulled out, driving the opposite way of her house. She didn't know it then but that would be the last time she would see her house in a long time.