"Excuse me, sir, what year is it?" I asked a middle age looking man. He stared at me like I was insane, maybe to most I was.

"1915, have you been drinking?" He asked me.

"Just a bit, thanks!" I said walking away. I suppose I should introduce myself, my name is Alex Dallasanta. Most in 1915 would call me Alexandria much to my dismay. I'm a time traveler. Sounds great right? Here's the catch; anytime the scientist want me in a different place to fix something they'd just have to punch the time, date, and place in and pull a lever.

Maybe I should explain more. I was selected among many to test a time travel machine. Only it went haywire and now I'm trapped in 1915 I have to live my life in the middle of World War I in God knows what country.

I walked up to a newsstand and read a paper. I skipped the first page and skimmed the paper for anything, any clue, or sign showing me where I was. I guessed I was somewhere in Europe saying as there was tons of soldiers surrounding me.

"Finally." I muttered to myself as I saw something that told me where I was. France, I was somewhere in France. Great, I thought to myself, right near the battlefield. Just what I needed, to be killed on my first trip.

With the time machine broken down, and nothing I could do about it, I decided to find a place to stay for a bit. I walked around looking for a place, a hotel, something. I finally came across one.

"Uh, excuse me, I need a place to stay." I said walking into a homely looking place.

"Oh, don't you all? I'll see if I can help deary." Said a middle aged, kindly looking woman with red hair that resembled my own. "Do you have pay?"

"No." I started internally panicking. "I don't have anything."

"Don't worry, your pay isn't due yet anyways; follow me." She lead me up a flight of stairs and showed me a small room, crowded but enough for one person.

"Thanks." I said sitting on the bed.

"You're welcome, I'd find a job fast if I were you. They're being stolen left and right here, and the economy's boomin'." She said leaving the room.

I lied down on the bed, knowing that she was right. I'd have to find a job, and clothes fast. Back in the present time I was studying to be a nurse, I could probably go and help the armies that way. But I wasn't sure I wanted to, at least not yet. I was twenty years old with my whole life ahead of me, I didn't want to endanger it quite yet. Becoming a nurse for the armed forces would be last choice for a job, I know it sounds bad.

Thoughts of my family ran through my mind. Most of them told me that I was insane, crazy even to apply to become a time traveler. "Maybe they were right." I said to myself. "I could be stuck here my entire life, I might never see them again." I continued to wallow in self pity. I eventually fell asleep, my dreams filled with my families faces as I walked into the time travel machine.

I hope you enjoyed! I promise it will get better!