I thought my world had ended when they told you,

But you told me no,

So my life goes on.

But that doesn't mean that I can't stop asking the questions

Why you? Why couldn't I fix you?

In the beginning I said I'd look after you,

And you told me that you knew.

You told me that you were scared,

And it broke my heart that I couldn't help,

But you said that I was there, and that was enough.

But you're not here, not now.

When I close my eyes, I go back to that night.

The last night, and I can still see you,

Laughing, smiling, and then I see the waves.

I remember walking, letting the ocean lap our shins,

Both knowing what the morning heralded.

I remember how you tilted your head towards me

So I could see your crooked smile.

Then how I knew it was your last

So I tilted my head away so you couldn't see my tears.

I couldn't tell you it's hard for me too.

You tell me it's okay, we both know you're wrong.

I close my eyes and you take my hand,

And we it whisper together. 1, 2, 3.

I feel you breathe, and then feel you sink.

My mouth is filled with salt,

As I begin to lose you.

I breathe in the air before joining you in the depths,

And I watch until the bubble stop.

Then I begin my life without you with a gasp of air,

And I know I won't love again,

Because I couldn't fix you.