This story is dedicated to my missing cat named Sirius. He is completely black and has green eyes. He's been missing for a month and the last time I saw him was a couple weeks ago. I've recently tried to look for him, but no luck. Let God be with him (or StarClan, {Warriors reference!} Please leave a comment or review!

I need a word

A good one


That's it

Unable to be found

That's what he is

He's unable to be found

I've looked high and low,

But he's unable to be found


What did I do wrong?

I promise I'll be good

Just help me find him!

I'll do anything it takes

I'll study, I'll clean I'll take care of him

Just let him be found

Or make me know that he's alive

I'm getting to the point where I will beracate

Everything and rip apart any and every last bush

Just to see him again

I've looked for days

I guess I haven't looked hard enough

We're leaving soon

I don't want him to be alone

Where is he?

He is lost

Was it OK? Should I have edited it? Probably. But please leave a review on it! I <3 you guys! Please have faith in me for finding Sirius. I hope to find him soon... ~May Dare