Standing still in a lonely chaos

Surrounded by my bullet friends

It seems so quiet in the lonely chaos

I hope this silence never ends

Around me in my lonely chaos

My happy comrades fall

Killed within my lonely chaos

Once were strong and tall

But now inside my lonely chaos

My head begins to groan

And there outside my lonely chaos

I hear my tommy moan

He's lying in his lonely chaos

Withered and in pain

And then somewhere in my lonely chaos

The battle shatters my brain

Because there in their lonely chaos

Are others like my son

And like me inside my lonely chaos

They feel no urge to run

Away from their lonely chaos

Away from battle cries

And find a place where lonely chaos

No longer haunts their eyes

I hope within my lonely chaos

I'll find a place to go

When I tire of lonely chaos

Back reality will flow

The crashes

The shells

The bullets

The guns

The wounded

The dying

The deaths

Back it all comes

They're dying

They're crying

With pain and grief

And one day all their suffering

You'll remember with a wreath