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"Oh God, Dev." I moaned between kisses. We were lying on his bed making out.

"Liv, you make me go crazy." He murmured, his face buried to my neck. With a swift movement, he threw my tank top over my head, leaving me only with my black lacy underwear. His eyes scanned my whole body, before he leaned in to kiss me on my collar bone.

I tried to unbuckle his belt with my free hand, seeing as my other hand was occupied clutching his hair. He realized I was struggling and took the belt off – much to my delight. I opened the button of his jeans and pulled them down revealing his short, black boxer-briefs.

That was the moment I realized what we were doing. And I started freaking out. Devon must have realized this because he stopped and pulled away to look me in the eye. I gave him a reassuring smile and nodded.

He captured my lips with his again and cupped my cheeks. He was trying to take it slow and I appreciated that. Suddenly, with an erratic decision, I changed our position, pinning him down to bed and straddling him. I pressed my body against his, earning myself a moan.

It was too late for us to move when we heard the bedroom door open. Everything happened soo fast.

"Devon, hon, we're ho- Oh my God! I am so sorry!"

I let out a scream, startled and tried to cover myself with the tank top I took off earlier. The woman standing at the door was at her mid-fifties. She had beautiful blonde hair and green eyes-just like Devon's.

"MOM, what the hell are you doing here?" Devon practically screamed, trying to put his pants on. And the bulge in front of his pants really wasn't helping the situation.

"Well, honey, you knew we were coming." Devon's mother said, closing her eyes with her hand. He did? And he didn't tell me? Most importantly, he lied to me? "And who is this lovely lady here? Oh dear, I hope she is not a hooker Devon. I know you are not in a relationship right now and frankly, I am wondering who your lady friend is?"

Hooker? I was about to reply when I realized something. Mrs. Peterson's words echoed in my brain. Not in a relationship.

That fucking bastard. Oh, he is in so much trouble.

"Mom, of course not! This is my girlfriend, Liv." Oh, now he tells them about me. Wow, thanks.

"Girlfriend? For how long? Two hours?" his mom asked, still skeptical.

"No actually, for 6 months." I replied before Devon could even open his mouth. "At least, I'd like to think we were dating."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Devon questioned, slightly angry.

I didn't answer him, I just started gathering my stuff and getting ready to leave.

"What are you doing?" he asked, still standing in the middle of the room half naked.

"What does it look like? I am getting ready to leave." I replied, not bothering to look at him.

Mrs. Peterson cut in before Devon could reply. "Oh no, Olivia dear, we'll just leave, don't worry about it."

I was about to turn down her offer when Devon pointed something out.


"Yes dear, your father is here too." she said pointing at the man who was standing at the bedroom door. Oh great, not only I embarrassed myself to Dev's mother, I also ran around naked in front of his father. Just, great...

I groaned inwardly as I proceeded to button up my shirt. When I was finished, I picked up my bag and turned around to face Devon's mother.

"Mrs. Peterson, it was nice meeting you. I am so sorry about the situation, well, you can't imagine how embarrassed I am. You probably hate me right now but-"

"Nonsense dear. You are 100 % right. My idiot of a son, well, he can be an idiot sometimes." I smiled at her words, forgetting my anger for a second.

"Thank you." I smiled even brighter when I saw Dev's expression. I walked past his father who hadn't said a word from the beginning, probably because of the shock.

Devon came after me and turned me around by holding my arm.

"Babe, come on, don't be like that, let's talk. Where are you going to go in the middle of the night?"

Oh, that fucking asshole.

"Don't be like what, Dev?" I ran my hand through my hair. "Was I supposed to congratulate you for playing with my feelings?" I took a deep breath and started my monologue. "First of all, you lied to me. I asked you when your parents were coming here and you said they weren't coming for a long time. Were you embarrassed by me? 'Cause somehow, it slipped your mind to tell your parents about me. It has been 7 fucking months, Dev!"

"Liv, please, I can explain everything. Just-just sit and calm down, okay?"

O-oh, wrong choice of words because I am pissed right now.

"Calm down? Don't tell me to fucking call down. Okay, I can understand not talking about me all the time but telling them that you don't have a girlfriend? That's a fucking lie, Devon!"

His expression changed when I called him Devon. I never call him Devon, unless I am really angry. I sighed in frustration as I made my way to the door. I turned around one last time.

"You know what? I am glad your parents interrupted us. I could have done something I'd regret later." I turned to Mr. and Mrs. Peterson. "It was nice to meet you. I am so sorry about this situation. I didn't mean to mess things up like this."

"Well, I can certainly say that you are not the only one to blame." Mr. Peterson said, glaring at his son.

Devon looked unfazed, though. He kept staring at me his eyes wide, almost like he was about to cry.

"Liv, God, I- I love you so much. Please don't do this, don't leave. Do you really want to know the reason I didn't tell my parents about you?" I nodded, my eyes filling with tears. "Because I was scared. I was afraid if I told you I wanted you to meet my parents you'd freak out and tell me it's too soon. Then I might have lost you."

I snorted. "Well, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard." Mrs. Peterson nodded silently and I am pretty sure that Mr. Peterson chuckled at his son's words. This didn't stop Devon, though.

"I was afraid if I told my parents about you, everything would get so serious. And my mom would make me face my real feelings." My eyebrows shot up immediately.

"What real feelings?" I asked, alarmed.

"Well I guess, what I am trying to say is...I love you so much, Liv, so much."

I scrunched up my nose in confusion. "Dev, you already told me you loved me." Was that a lie?

He rolled his eyes. "I am aware of that. I am not talking about 'you are great, you make me feel great, I really like you' kind of love. I am talking about 'I am completely, utterly and irrevocably in love with you, I can't think a life without you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I want to be the father of your 5 children' kind of love." I dropped my bag on the floor as he finished explaining.

"Are-are you serious, Dev?" I asked, my eyes still wet from his confession.

"Oh great, now you are freaking out." He sighed. "Would I joke about something like that?" He took a step further hesitantly. He gained more confidence when I smiled so he pulled me closer to his body.

"For you information, I am not freaking out." I informed him, snaking my eyes around his neck. "So, what now?"

"Now, we continue our relationship from where we left off. We'll take it slow, step-by-step. Is that okay with you?"

To be honest, I was relieved that he said that. I loved Devon, I love Devon but marriage is serious.

"That sounds perfect." I said, leaning in a little bit more.

"I love you, Liv."

"I love you too, Dev."

"Which kind of love?" Devon asked, smirking. I rolled my eyes even though he looked so adorable.

"'I want to have your little Devon babies' kind of love." I replied, smiling.

He leaned in so that our noses were almost touching. I leaned in and closed the gap between us to kiss him senseless. I can definitely say that we completely forgot about his parents.

I thought about his confession before pulling away.

"For the record, there is no way I'm having 5 kids."

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