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I knew from the moment I saw him that he was different. It wasn't the kind of feeling that tells you its love at first sight, I'd already had, it didn't work out, I didn't know what kind of feeling it was but I knew I had to investigate.

"Hey, Jinx! Whatcha lookin' at? The game and anyone you'd ever need to talk to are over here." A boy from my new school in Boston said. I think his name was Craig. I took another moment to study this boy. He looked fit and broad but not in a over muscley way. He had unruly red hair that you could tell wasn't styled. I then looked back at the two teams playing soccer. He would seem to fit in with this new Boston crowd. I was new here so I wouldn't know. My dad and I moved around a lot because of weird things that happened wherever we went. I liked this boy though. He wasn't staring at me unlike all the others around here. You see we were playing shirts and skins soccer which was also girls against boys and the boys got to be shirts so all us girls were out there in only small sports tops. I saw myself as one of the boys but they never saw that and I never stay in one place long enough to actually prove that I was more than a "pretty face."

"Hey Craig" I asked deciding to use my special amazing girl powers

"Yes..." He asked suggestively.

"Who's that boy over there sitting all alone?"

"Oh him, he's a nobody. He used to hang out with us but then we realized what a big family he came from and that almost all his clothes are second-hand."

"Big family? What do you mean? What's wrong with that? I'd love to have a big family."

"Well it's not such his family that are the problem." said a girl named Regina sidling up to Craig with a perfectly manicured hand on his shoulder.

"It's what they believe in."

"And what is that?" I asked genuinely curious.

"Well the school we go to is super old and one of the classes that you need to take is about mythology and witches and elves and stuff like that. About a year ago the city wanted to stop that class because it wasn't really teaching us anything about the real world. But Nate's family protested against that and got the city council to see it their way so we still have to take that stupid class!" By This point Regina was ranting.

"S whats wrong with that? you seriously ostrisized him because of that? I actually think the classes are kinda cool". We returned to the game but I kept glancing at Nate he didn't leave until the game was over. For some reason couldn't get him or his big family out of my head.

About two weeks later something weird happened. I made a friend! Her name was Parker and she was awesome! She was a cheerleader but not really she only joined because her parents made her and so she could make fun of all the other girls. We sat together almost everyday and I learned that she was part of that "odd" family as Regina called them. I learned that she had five brothers and she was the youngest and only girl. She was also a prankster! I was too and we were pulling a prank together when another weird thing happened to me. I knew it would but I really wished I could stay here. I wanted to stay with my red haired friend and this super old school. Dad was sure to move us as soon as he found out. He always did. I couldn't stand it he thinks it's "magik" and I admit that some of the things are weird but not magical weird but are they?

Anyhow, We were crouching in front of the math class door pretending to pull a string to trip people when Craig and Regina came over. They had recently told me off for Hanging with Parker but I didn't care. I was still a little peeved off though. I kinda wished that we were holding an actual rope but we weren't They walked by and Regina turned her nose up at us and said in a snooty tone,

"Really Jinx, I thought that you were better than that but I guess you're not. Too bad." She said the last part like she had just denied a little kid something.

"You little rhymes with witch!" Parker yelled

"Parker, it's okay. I know who the right people are and who the jerks are." We turned and went back to our prank. Suddenly the class nerd, Albert came racing into class. We pulled our imaginary rope but suddenly It wasn't imaginary!

Poor Albert tripped over the now real rope and fell right onto Craig who was still standing near the door. They both tumbled to the floor and Craig's arm twisted at an odd angle. AS luck may have it the teacher, Ms. Higham came sauntering into the room at that moment and saw the two of them on the floor and the two of us at the door pointed out the door and just said

"Office You two now!" I was worried. I really, really, really wanted to stay here! I liked it in Boston!

"Don't worry Jinx." Parker said in a worried tone.

"I get sent to the office all the time!"

"Parker did you notice that Craig's arm looked broken? I don't think you've ever done anything like that before."

"Well no I haven't but he deserved it. Besides the worst that can happen is detention. The school had a no suspension policy."

"Parker, I never told you this but I don't just move a lot. I'm the reason we always move. Something weird always happens to me and my dad up and moves us. It's happened since I was in sixth grade and because we're in eleventh now that's five years and each year it's at least twice." She didn't look very worried but she did look thoughtful.

"Thats okay. I promise you won't move this time. " Why she said that I don't know but what I did know was that she was mumbling to herself and I swear I could hear the words, "Talk to mum, family meeting, magik, prophecy and hair of straw and renamed curse." Weird, but It seems that Weird just seemed to follow me.

I sat in the cold plastic chair outside the headmaster" office lost in thought. My first thought out of many was why they called it a headmaster instead of a principal. What was she a master of shrunken heads? Actually that would be kinda cool. At least with a principal they enforce the principles of the school. But my main thought was about how much trouble I'd gotten in and how much I'd moved around. In sixth grade I'd turned my teacher's hair blue. My favorite though was in ninth grade my teacher was trying to embarrass the class because of the low average test scores when suddenly the only noise she could make was a cluck of a hen looks like she didn't figure in some of those numbers! I never got in trouble for that; unless you count having to move, again. Now that I think about it these things were kind of magikal but not in the regular way. In fairy tales the magikal beings were always evil but I wouldn't consider myself evil, just mischievous.

"Jinx Aber?" The stern looking secretary called. I guess Parker and I should be getting a duel punishment. Those were always the best because you had an accomplice. I slowly walked to what I was sure was to be my doom and wasn't that surprised. I expected a cold office with a vile looking headmaster with a scowl on his/her face. I got what I expected. The headmistress wasn't that horrible, no warts but her face was angular, with a pointed chin and sunken eyes. She looked like she had just crawled out of bed after a horrendous hangover, not that I'd ever had one (tenth grade after my fourth move).

"Good afternoon Jinx." Her voice was a little scratchy too.

"I'm sorry that our first meeting had to be like this but I am Ms. Hanser. I was informed of the sad mishap between You two," she gestured to Parker who was sitting in a black leather chair looking at her nails absently.

"And poor Albert, but because of how you are a new student and I don't want to worry anymore than I do on a regular basis so this time you're off the hook, I won't call your father but anymore trouble and I will now, go, I know for a fact that you two are PreCalculus right now so be gone!" I was ecstatic! Parker had gotten me off the hook.

"Parker I don't know how you did it but you are amazing I so owe you one! PLease is there anything-"

"Ya there is something you can do for me, for one stick by me this school can get a little creepy at times and two come home with me tonight and meet my parents. There's something's We need to tell you about why these things are happening to you." She sighed and looked thoughtful.

"What you know why these things are happening to me? Tell me!" I needed to know, but a sudden thought slowed down my torrent of thoughts and feelings.

"Parker, why do you know? You didn't know me more than two weeks ago and I just told you this today. You can't possibly know what's going on."She sighed and I was confused. I'd just found out that my friend was keeping secrets or so I thought about me and why I'm so strange or why these things happen to me. I took a deep breath and continued,

"Parker I need to know now what's going on?" I spoke slowly and clearly, like I would a misbehaving child.

"Come on, We're not going to class, I need to get you to my house asap before anyone else realizes who you are. My parents will explain everything." Somehow in my confusion she'd led me to the front entrance. She led me out the door but when we got to the parking lot a hulking mass was standing in front of her hard earned mo-ped.

"Look's like someone's in a little trouble, cutting class are we?" The figure turned and that's all I saw before I blacked out. My day just couldn't get any better could it?

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