The rhythm of the music makes me move

It gets me into a groove

But then I remember that I am in front of you

And I forget what to do

You used to be my one

Now I have a different sun

The tune has changed to a different beat

Now we are just strangers every time we meet

My heart still remembers your pain

But I know we will never happen again

My mind remembers that it was just a game

Only for a moment did you feel the same

My dance is dedicated to my new light

The one that makes me shine so bright

My song is for his being

Who is the only I should have been seeing

I will do what I can to make it up to him

So far the future doesn't seem as grim

Though you broke me

I learned of the world I could never see

I'll do one final performance for my past

Only in memory will it last

Dance with me one last time

We will depart at the last chime

Good bye to my first love

And hello to the new one given to me from above