The Teacher

It was the end of 8th period and Trynaty was getting very anxious. She wanted to get so she could gossip with her friends about the new history teacher. Mr. Greygore was his name. He was absolutely gorgeous.

He was very tall about 6'5" he had sea green eyes and shaggy blond hair. He had black rimmed glasses, accenting his eyes nicely. Finally the bell rang. Trynaty jumped out of her seat.

" Miss Burden" Mr. Greygore stated.

"Yes Mr. Greygore?" She asked politely.

"I would like to speak to you please." He said motioning to his desk. So she walked over to his desk. She flipped her long black hair over her shoulder and batted her dark blue eyes.

"Yes?" She asked innocently.

His eyes traveled down her body. He quickly looked away and said

"I want to discuss your grades you are aware that you are failing,yes?" Trynaty sat down in the chair next to Mr. Greygore's desk. She propped her elbows up on the desk, making her double d's even more noticeable.

"Yeah I am but it seems like no matter how hard I study, I always fail."

"Well..." Mr. Greygore began as he messed with his tie nervously.
"I could tutor you if you would like."

Trynaty leaned over a little bit further. " If you think it would help then sure."

"I do." He said as he pushed up his glasses.

"Well alright then when do we start?" Trynaty asked.

"Right now." He answers and clears his throat. " Take out your"

She got up and walked to her desk, bent down and heard a strange choking sound from the front of the room. She smiled to herself. She was glad she had worn her short skirt today. After she retrieved her book and stood up she stared at Mr. Greygore his back was to her and he was continuously running his fingers through his hair making it even more messy. She wished that she could run her fingers through that hair. She knew that lusting over a teacher was wrong but she was almost 18 and he was only 24 or 25.

So she went back to the seat by his desk and she gave a little cough to get his attention.

"'re ready...well um..lets get started" He stammered out. Trynaty thought his studdering was extremely cute.

"Ok so Napoleon took over France and uh." "Where does it say that?" Trynaty interrupted batting her eyelashes. As he went to show her he accidently brushed his hand against hers. He quickly jerked it back.

" He must have felt it too." Trynaty thought to herself. When he brushed her hand there had definitely been a spark.

" Maybe that should be it for today." Mr. Greygore said as he got up and walked to the window.

"But we just got started." Trynaty protested. "How am I supposed to get better if my teacher isnt even willing to help? "

" Well I uh...ok." He stammered and sat back down.

"What's the matter Mr. Greygore?" Trynaty asked as she softly placed her hand just above his knee. Trynaty met his eyes and saw that they had a kind of heat in them, and it excited her to no end. Her eyes flickered to his pants and she saw his arousal growing in them. She scooted a little closer to him, moving her hand up a little farther.

This was exciting and dangerous, she had never played with a teacher before. She leaned in with her eyes locked to his. As her hand finally found his growing arousal, he gently pressed his lips to hers. She gently rubbed him and he moaned. "It's been so long." He thought to himself, "and she's so beautiful." He also noted.

He kissed her harder his tongue pressing for entrance. She granted it and he slipped his tongue in. There was a knock on the locked door, making them jump apart. Mr. Greygore jumped up and rushed to the door unlocking it. Trynaty busied herself by writing what was in the book.

"Trynaty are you coming? We're all waiting for you!." Trynaty's friend said impatiently. She had forgotten all about them.

" I uh...I'm not going guys I'm getting tutored." " Ok" Her friend said and she ran down the hallway.

" That was close" Trynaty said playfully as Mr. Greygore sat down. He stared at her thoughtfully.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this." He said.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

" Maybe you should get another tutor." He stated.

" Who better to tutor me than the history teacher?" She questioned.

" Another history teacher" He stated.

" But I want you to tutor me." She batted her eyes and once again laid her hand on his leg, closer this time than before.

"I never said I didn't want to tutor you, I just don't think it's a very good idea." He said sternly.

" Why not?" She asked softly moving her hand up a little as she saw his arousal begin to grow again.

" Trynaty you know the reason..this is...frowned upon." His voice was becoming rough.

" But no one will know." She pleaded. " I won't tell, we both know that both of us want this, it's not one sided." She held her hand stationary but moved closer to him.

" Do you know how tempting that sounds?" She took that as an invitation to move her hand closer to his growing arousal. His hand settled on hers, but didn't stop her, just rested there. She found his arousal once again and rubbed it with more pressure than before but still lightly.

She leaned forward hinting for him to kiss her. He kissed her more roughly than before she automatically opened her mouth to him. Her hand swiftly undid his pants' button and she slipped her hand in finding that he had chosen not to wear boxers that day. This excited her. She pulled his erection out of his pants and wrapped her hand around his hard, hot length.

She slowly slid her hand up and down his length. He growled and kissed her harder shoving his tongue into her mouth and she loved it, she moved her hand faster. He had gone for so long without being touched. It felt so brilliant. She moved her hand even faster and he moaned.

When he began to feel his release nearing he moved her hand he didn't want it ending like that. He kissed her and pulled her onto his lap. He put his hand up the strip of cloth she called a skirt. He slid his fingers under her thong and her gently rubbed his fingers along the outside of her pussy. She kissed him and then moved her lips to his neck where she began to kiss, lick, suck, and bite.

He slipped two fingers into her and she moaned. He slid his fingers in and out rhythmically. He loved the sound of her moans. He slipped another finger in and she spasmed, rubbing against his penis.

She pushed his pants to his ankles and scooted forward so that her pussy was touching his cock. He took his fingers out of her and slid her thong off. She moved even closer, pressing herself against his cock.

" Are you sure about this?" He asked roughly.

"Yes" She gasped. He lifted her up and slid himself into her she gasped as he sat her onto his lap. She started moving her hips up and down.

" Take your shirt off" He growled. She did so and he attacked her breasts with his mouth. He kissed, licked, and bit them. He reached around and undid her bra and it fell to the floor. She reached forward and took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt pressing kisses to his magnificent chest.

He pushed her down further digging deeper into her tight cavern. She moaned loudly and wrapped her arms around him as he grabbed her hips. He moved her hips causing her to pound onto him making her cry out. She dug her nails into him and moved herself even faster. His hands clamped onto her ass helping her along.

She could feel her release coming and she wanted it, needed it. He could feel his coming too. He grabbed her ass to hold her up as he stood up. He laid her on the desk and pounded into her until he finally hit his release at the same time she hit hers. He cried out and she screamed.

They were both breathing hard. Mr. Greygore smacked Trynaty's ass and pulled out of her.

"I think we're done for today go home." He ordered.

"What?" She said angrily.

" So no one suspects anything Trynaty use your head."

" Well you said it like it was nothing." She said quietly as she climbed off the desk and began putting her clothes back on.

" Nothing? That was definitely not nothing." He said just as quietly.

" Well that's how I felt when you said it." She said as she finished getting dressed. She picked up her book bag.

" Oh, and by the way. You don't need to worry about your grade Trynaty. That was A+ work."

" Thank you Mr. Greygore." She said grinning.

" Call me Zach." He said with a smile. She went over and kissed him.

" See you Monday Zach." She said with a wink and walked out of the classroom.