A/N So welcome to this totally awesome story which I, PurpleEmoChick, wrote. Now this story is not for the soft hearted. If you do not like:

-vulgar swearing

-hints of sexual practices (but this will remain true to it's T rating)

Then please save us all the trouble of reading it and giving me crap about how my characters are awful hot tempered people. Other than that I cant really think of anything else besides a bit of angst and drama. So enjoy!


Teresa's POV

Staring at the computer screen I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was no way in hell that it was him. He wouldn't send me a request on Facebook, not after all that we had gone through. Not after all the shit that I put up with because of him. He probably was the same cocky bastard that I had known not too long ago and sending your ex-girlfriend a friend request on Facebook even though that you know that she is beyond pissed at you still is just bordering on insanity.

There is a lot that you don't know. I could start from my childhood and tell you all about the person I was then leading up to what had happened but honestly I'm too lazy to do that and it would be quite boring for you to have to sit through that. So I'll just skip a bunch of years till we get to the main event.

I was sixteen, oh God everything seems to happens when your sixteen as cliché as it all sounds. Robert Hernandez, or Robby to his friends was a Class A son of a bitch. He was the most despicable of all the guys in the school and believe me that was a hard won title. So who was I? I was the self-righteous sixteen year-old who believed that snappy comebacks were a way to live. I was a bit sarcastic, but what teenager isn't? I was what you could call the "perfect child", or at least my sister always said that I was. I had the grades and all the support from mom and dad so it gave me that image. In many ways I guess that was true, my sister Lisa was the real bad one in the family you could say. Even three years younger than I was she was definitely the mastermind behind all of our schemes. We were really close as kids but after I began college we sort of grew apart. Then she got this giant scholarship to go to college in Europe so she packed her bags and left. Lisa sends cards every once in a while but we lost our closeness.

Let's get back to Robby; I lost my train of thought for a moment thinking about Lisa. Our relationship began when he started to stalk me. He had asked me out and knowing his reputation I had told him to fuck off. So proceeds the stalking. Lisa, being a clueless thirteen year old, thought that he was being romantic.

When I would walk down the hall he would try to catch my eye and smile his cocky smile at me. He got my number somehow and would send me texts about crazy funny things that would leave me clutching my stomach with laughter. There were notes in my locker and kit kats on my textbooks. The whole thing was sort of amusing at first but with the push of my best friend Maria (who I partly blame for the mess I was in) I finally went on a date with him.

We went to see this scary movie and he made some moves on me and all. I fell for it you could say because our relationship lasted for three months. And back then I thought that they were the best moments of my life. The constant attention that I garnered from him made me feel like a princess and I couldn't help but revel in it. Robby was so sweet and I honestly felt as though I was in love with him or at least pretty darn close to. Unlike all the other little relationships that I had before Robby filled this place in me and found myself looking forward to seeing him everyday.

So what disturbed this little piece of cloud nine that I had? Well simple enough: heartbreak. After going out for almost three months I wanted him to come and meet my parents. We were getting pretty serious and he would be going off to college at the end of the year and going to college so my parents would want to know why I was going to visit him while he was there. He came over and things were going great, my mom loved him and my dad tolerated him. Long story short I found out that he had been cheating on me with Emma Suntler and I just went HAM on him. Curses were thrown back and forth as well as plates and that was that.

But to say that I was pissed isn't the right terminology. I was angry as hell. I was angry that I had fallen for his little tricks and I was angry at him for tearing me in two. When I had found out I had put my big girl face on but as soon as he left all the tears that had been held back were released and I cried while my mother held me smoothing my hair out and murmuring words to me in Spanish.

The next day at school I humiliated him in front of the whole school. During our lunch period he had his arms around Emma and their whole exchange was disgusting. When I had first approached their table there was a strange look in his eye. It was the same look that he had given me when we were still together but obviously I was mistaken because the next moment he shoved his tongue down her mouth. Sitting down at their table I started a conversation with them.

So Emma, how are things going on with you and Robby?"

She tried to act cool and collected by saying, "Fine things are going fine with me and Robby but then again your bitch ass doesn't have to know that."

No need to swear Emma. We're just having a civil conversation," I chided.

Oh cut the crap Teresa. We all know that he left your sorry ass for something better and obviously he found it." She gestured to herself.

"Are you sure that he's quite the package that you're making him out to be?" She raised her manicured hand and lightly picked at it her eyebrows rising. "You want to know a secret Emma?" I didn't wait for her response. "I'm glad that you have Robby because I don't need to have to fake it every time he tries to get his tiny dick up. So have fun with your little wiener." We hadn't slept together but she didn't need to know that and Robby sure wouldn't tell anyone that he wasn't able to bag me. "You can have this stupid mother fucker but soon enough you'll get old and be just another one of his old scraps." I looked directly at Robby when I said that.

A mix of emotions flickered across his face but the most prominent one was anger. Asshole. He deserved everything that I had said to him. As I walked out of the cafeteria the lunch room quiet because of my little show I heard Robby say something like, "fucking bitch", and I just sped out of there as fast as I could my composure giving away.

So that was my long sordid tale. Throughout the rest of the year I avoided him like a plague and he returned the favor by pretending that I didn't exist. Soon enough the school year ended and he was gone from my life forever.

Until now that is.

So I just sat there staring at my computer screen and willing myself to believe that it was just a trick of the light but unfortunately my eyes weren't deceiving me. The friend request hung there, like a sword over my head. See nowadays people just accept friend requests without a care but with Robby several things could go wrong. My first problem is the fact that I might be holding a grudge that has gone on too long. If I accepted it then would that show him that I was over him or would it indicate that I was still interested? If I clicked yes he might try and contact me leading me to my doom and if I ignored it then he might interpret that as cowardice and I don't want to look like a coward in front of him (not that I care about what he thinks of me).

Before I could think about this anymore my hand gravitated toward the 'accept' button and the mouse selected it. Somehow I also managed to click on his profile and the computer loaded while I anxiously waited chewing on my bottom lip. Then the page loaded.

"What the hell?"

The sight that I saw before me was breath taking, even if I wouldn't have admitted that aloud. It seemed that he had gotten hotter. Robby- no I mean Robert; we were no longer on that level- was fucking gorgeous to look at. His profile picture showed him wearing a checkered Aeropostale shirt that was rolled up at the sleeves and was buttoned low enough to see a white under shirt. The first thing I noticed besides his shirt- which emphasized his muscled body- was that his eyes and hair were different from the last time that I had seen him. His copper brown hair was now a jet black that was trimmed very close to his head and hung a bit in his eyes emphasized his now bright blue eyes that had a bit of an intense look. Let me get one thing straight, he never had blue eyes, they were always a chocolaty brown. He must be wearing contacts. Besides his eyes when we were in high school his jet black hair now was a light brown with small curls. I remember I was always running my hand through those curls wishing that my crazy hair was at least half decent. Anyways, there was still the same cocky smile that I had been victim to too many times in the time that I knew him. Before I could examine the picture any more than I already had the front door slammed open.

"Teresa, are you home?" Maria stumbled through the door with bags of groceries in her arms.

Pushing my chair back I closed the lid of my laptop before I went over to help her.

"So how were the classes today?" I asked her as I grabbed a bag and began shelving the items. Maria went to morning and afternoon classes at RISD. She wanted to become an artist and is probably the only person I know who can draw more than a straight line.

"Elliot was so distant today during class it made my whole day horrible." She responded as she placed some items in the fridge.

"So does this mean that your romance with Mr. Professor is over?" Maria was seeing her totally hot and gorgeous art professor and things haven't been working out so fine now.

"No!" She huffed as she threw an "evil glare" at me.

"Well what are you going to do about it then?"

"Look can we talk about this later? I have a lot on my mind and I don't want to have to think about Elliot for a while okay?" Judging from her face I knew that she was being serious so I nodded before I hopped onto the counter. "So… What about your love life? Any romances you haven't told me about?"

"Nope," I responded. I don't know why my mind immediately went to Robert as soon as she said that. I didn't want to tell her about Robert though. If I did she would either get really pissy or come up with this ludicrous idea that we should be together. Anyways nothing was happening. If something did happen I would tell her but right now there was nothing to tell. "You know that I don't date much Maria. I don't know why you won't just accept that."

"I know that you are going to hate me and think that I am meddling in your business but," she paused for dramatic effect, "I got you a date!" She squealed throwing her hands up and dancing around.

"Excuse me?" I choked.

"Well one of the girls in my art class mentioned her really hot and totally available brother and I said that I knew a really nice girl who was single too and would love to go on a date with him. So I texted her a picture of you and she forwarded it to her brother and he said that he would love to go on a date with you!"

"You stupid, evil, back stabbing, bitch!" I yelled as I chased her all around the room before we were each on a side of the coffee table.

"You will appreciate everything that I have done for you when you go on a date with him tonight."

"Did I hear you wrong or did you just say tonight?" I emphasized

"He's going to be leaving for a trip for the day after tomorrow for two weeks and this was the only day that he could see you."

"So let me get this straight," I said as we circled each other around the table, "you met a girl in your art class today who happened to mention that she had a cute brother who was single and you decided to set up a date with him for me without my permission?"

"Basically," Maria said nonchalantly.

Before she could say anything else I hopped over the low table and lunged at her. We both hit the floor and I grabbed her arms and restrained her before I used my body weight to keep her there.

"Promise me you'll go." She huffed, her breathing shallow.

"Now why would I do that?" I asked.

"Because you need a little romance in your life now get off me you asshole!"

I got off her and held my hand out to her to help her up before I collapsed onto the couch.

"Look Maria," I began, "I know that you think that you are doing the right thing but can you stop meddling with my love life or lack of one?"

"No, don't 'look Maria', me. I can't stand to watch you just go through the same routine every day! I love you but you are going on that date whether you like it or not."

"What have I ever done to deserve this God?" I asked rhetorically.

"Stop being melodramatic," she chided. "Now, the date is at eight and is at that really nice new Italian restaurant downtown."

"Wait you mean the one with the really hot waiters in tuxes that serve you?"

"Yeah! Isn't it great?" she asked happily.

"No Maria. That place is so expensive. I could never afford to eat there!" I grumbled sinking farther into the couch.

"Well you aren't paying for the date are you?"

"No, but still isn't this a bit much for a first date?"

"Yeah well I forgot to mention this but their family has some pretty deep pockets."

"Maria!" I yelled.


"That's going to make me seem like some money thieving bitch!"

"No it won't Teresa. You're just looking into things too much like you always do."

"So if I agree to go will you at least show me a picture of him?"



"Because I want his stunning image to be a surprise for you. Plus I never actually got an image of him."

"You know what you seem so in love with this guy. Why don't you forget about Elliot and go on the date with him?" I snapped bitterly.

"You know all this talk and attitude won't get you anywhere."

"Fine," I replied, "do I get to know his name at least?"

"Michael. Michael Larson."


"Do you know what time it is?" Maria asked.

"Why? It's like four."

"I don't mean the literal time Teresa!" She scowled. "I mean it's time for a makeover!

"No. No! NO!" I yelled each 'no' getting louder.

"Yes!" She huffed. "The date is in four hours and you need to look spectacular for it. Plus you need a new dress and haircut for tonight."

"Oh god," I muttered.

"Shopping trip!" Maria squealed.



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