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Maria's POV

After a lot of fussing Teresa had finally hugged and kissed me goodbye before she relinquished me to the care of the nurses. Of the two women one was in her late thirties while the other was obviously fresh out of school. She bit her lip nervously and tried not to get in the way of the older woman who obviously had more experience. As they changed my clothing one of them kept on talking about their son and how he had a piano recital the next day at his school. The woman was obviously excited for it and I couldn't help but feel a pang in my chest. I would never get to experience that. I hadn't planned on having kids any time soon but there was always that dream in the back of my mind of a large family with the white picket fence and everything. Now everything that I had hoped to accomplish in life was gone, just like that in a puff of smoke.

They wheeled me out of my room heading down the large hall. I wasn't really tired but I felt inclined to close my eyes, almost as if I would be transported to a different world instead of the reality that I'm in. Suddenly loud footsteps sounded in the hall causing me to open my eyes immediately obviously disturbed by the ruckus. The nurses turned around as well to see who could have possibly been making the noise.

"Maria!" No, there was no way that it could be him. Please tell me that it's not him, he didn't need to be here for this. Did he not get? I mean I already broke things off. How much of a hint did I need to provide?

"Maria!" Elliot yelled again finally reaching us. The older nurse raised an eyebrow at him obviously wondering what was going on.

I squeezed my eyes shut hoping that it would all disappear and trying to keep the tears stinging my eyes at bay.

"Maria, open your eyes baby," Elliot said softly his hands brushing my hair away from my face. I couldn't open them though, he needed to leave. I shook my head refusing to but he could not be dissuaded. "Please baby, just look at me. Hear me out please and I promise if you want me to go then I'll leave and I won't bother you again."

Why weren't the nurses calling security? Wasn't their job to help me? Elliot was a large black man and looked quite intimidating from a stranger's casual observance and normal people would have been intimidated by him had they seen him walking down the street. If I opened my eyes and heard him out maybe he would leave after I told him to go away. I had to guarantee that he would suffer the least amount, I couldn't bear it if he mooning over me after I died.

I slowly opened my eyes my vision returning to me slowly because I had squeezed my eyes so tightly. Tears streamed down my face and I rubbed at my eyes trying to clear my sight. As soon as my eyes focused on Elliot I gasped and squeezed them back shut. This couldn't be happening. I shock my head trying to make it all go away.

When I opened them again he was still there, on one knee with a small precious ring box in his hand and a gorgeous ring nestled inside. I couldn't help but stare at it and then my eyes drifted back to his face. Tears were in his eyes and he tried to blink them away.

"Maria I love you. I have always loved you. From the beginning you cast a spell on me and wove me into your intricate web. I can't imagine my life with out you. I'm probably not doing this right and I probably sound really stupid but I can never think straight when I'm around you because you turn my world upside down. I know that this is the worst possible timing given your illness and all the recent occurrences but I need to ask you before its too late. Will you do me the honor becoming my wife and making me happiest man?" A tear ran down his face and but he didn't mind it his eyes focused directly on me.

My gaze shifted from the ring to his face and a sob rocked through my body. Heavy breaths came in and out of my mouth and I tried to look anywhere but his face. Why did he have to do this now? Why did he have to go out of his way and complicate things? Couldn't he just be happy knowing that I had loved him and died peacefully? Why did he have to do this now?

I love him and that's selfish of me. He should be with someone who will be there to grow old with him. He has to let me go.

"I-I'm so sorry Elliot. I'm not right for you," I said shaking from my tears. "One day you'll find someone who is more suited for you than I am, someone that will be able to grow old with you and share memories with you. I can't do that. I won't put you through the torture of believing that I might have a shot."

"I have never wanted anyone as much as I have wanted you Maria. You are everything that I want. You are what I need; there isn't anyone else for me than you. I'm living each day one day at a time and I need you. I can't live another day without you as my wife. Marry me." He took the ring out of the box and placed it on the tip of my finger his eyes refusing to release mine. "Say yes Mary, say yes and choose me. No, say yes and choose us." He pushed the ring the rest of the way till it was at the base of my finger and I cried even harder unable to tear my eyes away.

"I love you Elliot, so much," I gasped trying to tell him.

"Let me give you happiness, even if it's for a little while. Make us both happy." He had me. I was being selfish but I was just consumed with love for him and I couldn't say no. All my dreams came flooding back. I could have it all, all of it with him.

"Yes!" I cried throwing my arms around him. I clutched his large body holding onto him as if he were a life line. He pulled back and kissed me soundly on the lips looking so happy I almost burst into tears again.

"I love you so much baby. Thank you so much. Now go and get surgery I need you better quickly," he pulled back and wiped away the excess of the tears kissing my cheeks.

Almost on command the nurses popped out of wherever they were, the younger one's looking like it would crack from the enormous smile pasted on it. The older woman just smiled slightly her eyes slightly teary.

"I love you too," I whispered clutching his hand before it was time to leave.

I closed my eyes as they wheeled me off this time not to escape my world but because my mind was moving at a thousand minds an hour planning out my wedding.


Teresa's POV

After Maria's surgery yesterday I had gone back to the apartment feeling empty and depressed. The apartment was empty and I almost called Robby to ask him to come over but decided against it. I needed to be alone and I wasn't up for anything that he would be interested in. After bringing back breakfast he had gone back to his apartment to change his clothes and head to work leaving me to go back home alone. Before he had left he made me promise to call him if I needed anything but I couldn't disturb him at work.

This morning I took my time getting ready not bothering to rush because of potential bad news that would await me at the hospital. I took care to actually dress up opting for a simple sun dress that Maria had bought me a while ago and paired it with some flats. She would be happy that I looked presentable and it was the most that I could give her given the circumstances. I had blow dried my hair so it was partially straight and pulled it back into ponytail. Lightly I put some make up on almost stabbing myself in the eye with the mascara wand. There, that would make her happy.

I called a cab and arrived at the hospital quickly. In the reception I was happy to find that the nosy secretary wasn't working today. I asked her in which room Maria was staying in because she might have been relocated. The kind older woman told me and I was on my way. Without really minding anyone I took the elevator up to her room feeling numb.

When I walked into her room I found her sitting upright with her pillows fluffed and her arms crossed.

"Where have you been Teresa?" she asked a little annoyed. "I was waiting all morning for you and you should up late-wait what are you wearing?" She finally seemed to notice how dressed up I was.

"Yeah," I said curtsying. "I decided to dress up a little today just for you."

"I love it T! If this is how you're going to dress if I'm on the brink of death I should have gotten sick a while ago." She joked. There was a sick humor to her tone but she didn't seem to have the same attitude as yesterday. Something was off. No, something was right.

"Why are you so happy Maria?" I asked cautiously my eyebrows rose.

"Can't I just be happy? I mean look at the world, the birds chirping, blue sky and rainbows!" she gushed throwing her hands in the air.

"Are you sure they didn't put you on some pain meds-" I stopped immediately my eyes zoned in the rainbow if light coming from her ring finger where a very large and gorgeous diamond ring sparkled. I choked on the coffee I had attempted to drink sputtering. It was a miracle that I was sitting because I might have made a bigger mess than the slight amount that had fallen onto my lap. Still I coughed trying to find air. Maria kept hitting my back till I was able to properly breathe again.

"Explain," I hissed pissed that she hadn't called me immediately.

"I was planning on telling you when you came this morning but you arrived late so you're finding out late. Anyways…Elliot proposed!" she screamed almost taking out my ear.

"Yeah, I sort of got that part. The real question is how and when."

"Well it was actually when the nurses were taking me away for surgery. All of a sudden he came running down the hall and caught up to us. He said the sweetest things and asked me to marry him and at first I was going to let him down because there was no point given the fact that I'll be dead soon but he kept on talking and talking. Finally I just gave in and agreed to marry him. I can't have the kids and the white picket fence but I want o die knowing the married the love of my life even if it only last a short while." Tears were in her eyes and I saw the Maria that was depressed again but she brightened immediately and kept talking leaving me to drink my coffee. "Now here comes the fun part! We have a wedding to plan for this weekend!"

"Wow, I'm happy for you Maria," I said choosing not to address her negative thinking. "But here's a question. How are we supposed to plan a wedding in three days and get dresses and all that?"

"That is where you and internet comes in handy!" She giggled as if she were a little kid on her birthday. "Since I can't leave the hospital yet you have to take charge of this and take the bull by the horns. We need, oh get out a piece of paper and write all of this down," she commanded sounding like an army general.

I fished a pen out of my bag and found some stationary on the table in the room.

"Okay we need to take care of cake, flowers, decorations, and venue. All of that just needs to be picked out and doesn't take much effort. You'll be my maid of honor and I think Michael's sister Kate will just be a bridesmaid. I want you to both have different dresses so you'll have to meet with her either today or tomorrow and go shopping. I'll show you stuff that I like but I want you both to feel comfortable. For my dress you have to arrange for a fitting for tomorrow afternoon because I should be out of here by then."

"Maria don't you think that you need more time to-" I tried to say but she cut me off trapped in her own happy bubble.

"I am a little disappointed that I can't get that custom dress that I wanted designed for me but that's ok. Wait! You know what; I have an aunt in France. She can probably send me one of her custom designer dresses if I beg and she ships it today overnight. I'd have to beg though, I haven't spoken to her in years since my mom left. Anyways everything is going to in different shades of gold and light oranges so that's all you need to order everything and plan out the wedding. But don't worry Teresa I'll help you as soon as I get out of here."

"Um…" I said my head reeling from the load of information that she had tossed at me. How the hell was I supposed to do all of that? Where would I even start?

"I know what you're thinking Teresa but I promise that I wouldn't ask this of you if it weren't really important and I didn't fully love and trust you." She smiled and batted her eyes. Damn her she pulled the friend card.

"Okay," I said breathing in deeply. "What do you want me to do first?"

"The flowers and decorations can go first. We can probably use my dad's house as a venue since it's probably too late to book any place. If it's not too awkward can you call Kate and meet with her for lunch?"

"Ok, I'll call her. About the flowers I'll take care of them and keep the colors orange. I can probably see a florist today and ask around about delivery and set up. I think that I have a cousin that does weddings so I could call him up and see if he can help us."

"Oh thank you Teresa! You are the best sister that a girl can ask for!" She threw her arms around me and squeezed me so hard.

"Sure Maria, you know I love you. Now let go of me before I die." She chuckled and released me a huge grin plastered on her face. "Oh I almost, what did the doctors say, you distracted me with wedding talk."

"Oh, just the usual. They think everything went fine and that their going to be monitoring me to see how everything plays out. The longest I could be hear is like 48 hours or something like that."

"Okay now that we got that out of the way I do believe I have some calls to make, people to meet, and coffee to clean up because of someone's rather exciting announcement." I grinned at her standing up.

Maria kissed me lightly on the check and I left the room. Elliot was walking down the hall flowers in hand and that same stupid grin that Maria had on her face. When he saw me his grin grew bigger if that was even possible.

"Teresa!" he engulfed me in a body crushing hug and lifted me off the ground. Wow, how happy was this man?

"Hey Elliot," I managed to barely get out because he is still gripping me.

Finally he sets me down and smiles even harder.

"I'm so happy for you Elliot. In light of recent events she needs someone like you and I am so glad that you are making her this happy. She doesn't need any more sadness in her life."

"Thank you Teresa. I'm glad that you approve. I wanted to speak to you before hand but with all the rush I didn't have much time to talk to anyone."

"Well I'm glad that you asked her. I mean look at both of you, you're both so happy I couldn't imagine her without you in a time like this."

"You know that she needs you too right Teresa? She talks about you like you guys are close sisters. It would kill her if she lost your friendship and I just want to thank you for being there for her."

"Thank you too Elliot. I don't know what she would have done if she didn't have anyone to talk to when this began. If it wasn't me then I'm glad that it was you." A grinned a teary grin and he smiled back patting my shoulder.

"Everything is going to be okay, she's going to fight through this." His persistent hope almost brought me to tears and I tried to hold them back just nodding my head.

"Thank you again Elliot for being with her. Well you probably want to go in there and be with her. I however have to plan your wedding for this weekend." I smiled watching his expression as his eyebrows shot upward at the mention of the wedding being this weekend.

"Isn't that too soon? Will it even be possible?"

"You know, I'm going to leave that for you two to talk about." I walked away patting him on the shoulder.

"Bye Teresa," he called over his shoulder as I walked away and he entered Maria's room.

I headed for the nearest restroom finding a couple tissues and dabbing at the coffee stain on the bottom of my dress and wasn't overtly large or obvious. After "dabbing" at it like I heard that you're supposed to I gave up and just threw away the tissue in shear frustration.

As I exited the bathroom I heard two voices that made me stop.

"Robert, just listen to me, pleas I'm begging you son," Maria's father said.

"Don't call me 'son'. I'm not nor will I ever be your son. Just because you finally decided to marry my mother doesn't suddenly make you my father. Where were you all those years when we needed you and you were with your precious refusing to acknowledge my mother while she was still a mess over you?"

"You know very well that I couldn't do anything about the relationship between your mother and I for a while. Don't presume to suggest that I am the bad person in this situation. I tried to keep my family from falling apart and make your mother happy at the same time and look where that got us."

"Are you trying to say that you regret marrying her?"

"I'm not saying that Robert. All I'm saying is that it wasn't that easy to end things with Lorraine and try and keep my family in tact. Even that I wasn't able to do. Lorraine left the country and took my son with him leaving Maria depressed. Now that everything has settled down I want to make up for all those years that we lost because I've come to realize that with family you have to appreciate them every day."

"What ever old man," Robby said. I couldn't see his face but I could tell that he was a little chocked up.

"I wish that you would let me help you with your finances. You don't have to live check to check from that restaurant all while going to school. This summer you can work with me and make more money than you would over there. I know that you won't like the sound of this but I give all my children trust funds and since you are one of my children you deserve it as well. Maria already has access to hers since she's already twenty one but I already set one up for you. It has 500,000 dollars in it."

"Look, I appreciate the offer but I don't need your money. If you feel like you need to communicate more with me I understand that but don't try and buy me because I see right through that crap."

"I'm not trying to buy you Robert. I already told you that I do all of this for my children." I could tell that he sounded hurt that Robby had suggested that.

"Fine I'll take it but I want Teresa to have 250,000 of the money. I can't take it all and she's the only one that I would give that much money to."

I gasped and then immediately my hands went to my mouth almost as if to silence myself. Why the hell would he give me that much money? What was I supposed to do with it? Suddenly I was furious but then I realized that he probably did it out of love rather than pity or anything else.

"That's fine son, I'll just call the bank to have the money transferred.

"Before I change my mind I just want to thank you for making my mother happy again. She hasn't been in a while and you seem to be changing that. But I swear to God that if you fuck with her again there will be hell to pay."

I heard Maria's father chuckle before saying, "I assure you that I love your mother and I would never do anything to hurt her but I don't think that will set your mind at ease. Now why don't we go and see your sister, she must be lonely unless Teresa's already there.

They were about to pass by me so I sucked back into the bathroom. I left the hospital quickly since I have a lot of things to do, plus I didn't want to be there when Maria broke her engagement to them.

I called a cab that quickly took me to the house. I arrived quickly and I knocked on the door feeling nervous. When he opened the door he looked shocked to see me.

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