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Whipped Cream

"So I'm kind of in the mood for…oh!" Zander gasped when his boyfriend Tristan suddenly pinned him to his dad's Chevy Camero. Tristan's hands rested on Zander's hips and his knee between his legs, his body pressed close to his. Tristan grinned and pressed his cold nose to Zander's warm skin, making him giggle.

"You're in the mood?" Tristan asked, kissing his boyfriend's neck softly. He could feel Zander's jugular vein pulsating under his lips, the speed becoming ever faster as he continued to place soft kisses there. "Well how about that. So am I." Zander's arms slid around his boyfriend's neck, his fingers toying with the dark hair at the nape of his neck.

"You're always in the mood," Zander said shakily. He exhaled sharply when Tristan pressed his hips harder into his, Zander's breath visible in the cold air, forming an uneven cloud.

"How can I not be when I'm around you? You're so fucking sexy." Tristan nuzzled into Zander's neck again, making his boyfriend chuckle. Zander felt a problem growing in his pants, and he didn't want to end up having sex on his front lawn, so he pushed Tristan away. His boyfriend gave him a disappointed look, but Zander laced his fingers with Tristan's and tugged him towards his house.

"Let's go inside." Tristan grinned and followed him inside, letting his boyfriend tug him into the kitchen. Tristan leaned against the island in the middle of the kitchen and watched as his boyfriend pulled whipped cream out of the fridge. "Before you attacked me with your very…skilled mouth, I was going to say that I'm in the mood for some whipped cream." Tristan raised an eyebrow and stared at Zander, who was tossing the multicolored can of whipped cream back and forth between his hands.

"What are you going to put it on?" Zander's cheeks tinted pink and he glanced down at his feet before looking back up at his boyfriend.


Holy fuck.

Tristan groaned. "Why are you so hot?" Zander bit his lip and shrugged, sweeping his dark bangs out of his eyes. Zander hopped up on the island and pulled Tristan between his legs. He grinned, raking his fingers through Tristan's hair and leaning forward, brushing his lips over Tristan's. Tristan leaned into the kiss, wanting much more, but Zander wouldn't let him. Zander teased him, his tongue tracing Tristan's lip ring.

"God," Tristan whined, his arms looping around Zander's waist. "Let me kiss you."

"Not until after I do this." Zander uncapped the whipped cream and sprayed a dot onto Tristan's jaw, near his earlobe.

"Hey…" Tristan shuddered when he felt Zander's tongue begin to trace his skin, licking up the whipped cream. His fingers were still knotted in Tristan's hair, tipping his head back just the way he wanted as he nibbled on his boyfriend's earlobe.

Normally, Tristan was the more forward one in their relationship. He was the one who would suggest the new and sometime strange things, and Zander was the one who would follow. Which is why it turned Tristan on so much when Zander took control—the way he would bite his lip and blush drove Tristan absolutely crazy.

But the good kind of crazy.

Zander pulled back and rested his forehead against Tristan's, his fingers still buried in his hair. He licked his lips and grinned.

"Yummy," he whispered.

Tristan couldn't take much more of this.

He pushed Zander back so that he was laying on the island and climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. He leaned down, brushing Zander's hair out of his eyes and pressing a kiss to his temple. "How about I put the whipped cream on you?" Zander grabbed his boyfriend's hips and pulled him closer, grounding his hips against him, making them both groan. "I'll take that as a yes," Tristan said in a strangled voice.

Tristan's hands slipped under Zander's black polo and pushed it up to his chest, leaning down and pressing his ear to his boyfriend's warm skin—his heart was beating hard against his chest. Tristan smiled and pressed a kiss to the middle of his chest, directly over his heart.

"No need to be nervous," he said softly, running his hands up and down Zander's pale but defined chest.

"I'm not." Zander replied, his voice shaking slightly. "Just excited."

"I know. I can feel your excitement." Tristan rotated his hips, pressing their erections harder together.

"Just get on with it," Zander choked out, closing his eyes. He pulled his shirt over his head and let it drop to the kitchen floor. With a grin, Tristan took the whipped cream can from his boyfriend and sprayed some over his nipples—Zander's weak spot.

He leaned down and his tongue slowly peeked out of his mouth, lapping up the whipped cream and sucking Zander's nipple into his mouth. "A-ah w-why?" Zander let out a breathy moan and threaded his fingers into Tristan's hair, pushing him closer to his chest and arching his body into Tristan's.

"Because I love it when you make those noises for me." Tristan continued to toy with his boyfriend's weak spot, soon switching to give its counterpart the same attention. As Tristan nibbled and licked at Zander's nipple, Zander's fingers were sliding the hem of Tristan's v-neck up and tugging on it, hoping that his boyfriend would get the message.

He did, pulling back from Zander's chest and tugging his shirt over his head, allowing it to join Zander's polo on the floor. Tristan leaned back and looked at the beautiful boy beneath him—his messy jet black hair covering one eye, his snakebites gleaming in the light. His blue eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell steadily, the love bite that Tristan had left right above his right nipple standing out against his pale skin.

"You're mine," Tristan whispered, leaning down and kissing it before running his thumb lightly across it.

"You don't need to mark me," Zander replied, his eyes still closed. "Because I'll always be yours." Tristan pressed a hand to his own bare chest—he swore that his heart actually skipped a beat for a moment.

"You're so cute."

"I try."

"No you don't. You just are." Tristan began to undo Zander's jeans, and Zander lifted his hips so that his boyfriend could pull them off to join the other clothes on the floor. He sprayed a line of whipped cream from his collarbone down to where his boxers began, his tongue following the trail. When he reached the top of his boyfriend's boxers, he glanced up at him—Zander's eyes peeked open a bit when he realized that Tristan had stopped.

"Why'd you stop?" Zander asked, breathless.

"Just wanted to make sure you're okay." Zander grinned and draped an arm over his eyes.

"Fuck, are you kidding? Of course I'm okay. Keep going." Tristan chuckled and tugged Zander's boxers down far enough to free his erection. He sprayed a line of whipped cream all the way up his shaft to the head of his penis, and once again followed the trail with his tongue, making a deep moan rip from Zander's throat.

He wrapped his hand around Zander's penis and pumped as he sucked hard on his head. Soft whimpers and moans tumbled from Zander's swollen lips as he struggled to keep from bucking into his boyfriend's mouth. His breathing was ragged and uneven and became even more so as Tristan sucked on him harder.

"A-ah. O-oh my g-god. T-Tristan…I can't…I-I'm gonna…" He threw his head back and came into Tristan's mouth with a low moan. Tristan swallowed and licked his lips just as Zander opened his lust-darkened blue eyes.

"Tasty," he murmured, smiling. Zander sat up and crashed his lips against Tristan's, his tongue immediately invading his mouth as his hands worked on the button on Tristan's jeans. Tristan managed to kick them off and his boxers got discarded as well, both boys now naked on top of the island.

"Wait a second," Zander muttered when he pulled back from the kiss, looking into his boyfriend's eyes. "We can't have sex on the island…my family eats off of this."

"So you don't want to have sex with me?"

"No!" Zander shouted, perhaps a bit too quickly. "I mean, yes. I do want to. I just…well…"

"Don't worry about it. There's a thing called Clorox Wipes you know." Tristan picked up the can of whipped cream again and sprayed some in his hand and covering his penis with it.

"I'm not sure that whipped cream is the best substitute for lube…" Zander said softly, his cheeks red, as he stared at Tristan's penis.

"It's the only thing we have, so quit complaining. Unless you want me to stop and go get the proper lube which might take a while…"

"God, Tristan! Just put your fucking cock in me already!" Tristan grinned.

"Will do." Zander wrapped his legs around Tristan's waist and squeezed his eyes shut as Tristan pushed into him. He began to thrust, and leaned down and kissed Zander as he did so, their tongues tangling together. Zander's penis rubbed against Tristan's stomach as he thrust into him, and Tristan wrapped his hand around Zander, stroking him.

"Nngh…-u-ungh…so good," Zander moaned breathily as he noticed that familiar feeling boiling in the pit of his stomach.

"Y-you're so…fucking tight…I'm gonna c-come…"

"M-me too." Tristan pulled out, nearly all the way, and slammed back into Zander, hitting his spot hard and making him scream. He did the same thing a few more times and they both came, moaning loudly. Tristan spilled into Zander and Zander released onto his boyfriend's stomach as he arched hard into his body.

With all the energy having been drained from his body, Tristan collapsed on top of Zander, still inside of him, and smiled, kissing him deeply. Zander grinned into the kiss, his arms wrapping around Tristan's neck. Their lips pressed softly and slowly together, more sensual than the lust-filled kisses had been.

"Ack, hey!" Zander broke the kiss, suddenly protesting when Tristan had sprayed some whipped cream into his hair. "God, I hate you." Tristan smirked and kissed Zander's forehead.

"No you don't. You love me."

"Yeah. Yeah, I do."

And the lovers lips met again.


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