This is another poem, but it's a little more depressing. This is some what based off of a life experience when the only person I could depend on was myself. I felt really alone. Hope you like the poem! Please excuse any and all mistakes I made in this poem. I am one of those people who are really lazy at checking it…


They're gone

Just gone

They're never coming back

Yet, why do I keep waiting?

Do I have hope lefT?

No, they took that took that too

Why am I all alone?

What has happened?

I walk all night

Not looking back

I don't care about them

What have they done for me

I want to look back

But for what?

I slowly turn my head

But before I turn the slightest, me head snaps back

I can't do it

But something tells me I must

And sure enough when I turn my head

There's no one there

Please leave a comment on what you think about this poem! I know it probably makes no sense, but when you think about it, it might make some sense? I don't know…

~May Dar