The young boy sat in the sand box at his playground, meekly squeezing the sand from his palm and slipping it back into the box, watching the grains fall back into place with a slight interest. He didn't have any playmates to spend time with at his daycare and his interest in the sand box was waning as the moments ticked by. He sighed loudly, watching all the other kids play and run around happily while he merely sat there, watching them enjoy themselves. He was just ready to get up and leave the sand box, when his teacher, Mrs. McMillian stepped out onto the playground, holding the hand of a girl.

The girl was odd, her skin hued yellow and her short, pigtailed hair was an odd vibrant orangish-brownish color that went in contrast with her bright brown eyes.

"Class…attention please! I'd like to introduce our new student! This is Adriana Sarin…..and she's just moved here from Georgia." She gestured to the small girl Alexander figured was Adriana and he studied her.

She was obviously an odd one like him. Her hands were crossed in front of her and she was looking down at the ground in obvious shy-ness. Shyness that obviously the teacher didn't seem to notice or recognize.

"Well Adriana…..why don't you go on ahead and introduce yourself?" She shook her head, her pigtails shaking in the dry Arizona air. Mrs. McMillian frowned and she nudged the new girl.

"Are you sure?"

The girl nodded furiously and she kept her eyes down on the ground and the teacher sighed in defeat.

"Well….I suppose that's alright…."She looked around at all the children, her gaze lingering on Alexander a bit longer than the rest before nudging the child gently toward the crowd of gawking toddlers, "Now kids…be nice to Adriana…..she's brand new….make her feel at home here."

She left and the new girl stood there looking lost for a moment, noticing all the pairs of young eyes on her. She looked a little timid for a moment, eyeing the girls on the swings and the boys on the jungle gym before walking over slowly to the sand box where Alexander was still draining sand out of his chubby palm.

"M-May…..I sit with you?"



Adriana's hands her shaking as her mother dropped her off at her new daycare, not even kissing her goodbye as she left, probably off to her new job. Her timid eyes darted around as the new teacher took her by the hand and led her outside.

"Class! We have a new student!" The lady's voice rang out and Adriana felt her own heart flutter in fear; she'd never liked dealing with newer people. She focused her eyes towards the ground and tried to tune out all the sounds of kids and not notice all the eyes focused on her. When the lady asked if she had anything to say, she rapidly shook her head, trying to stop the tears from coming out of her clenched eyes. Maybe if she kept her eyes shut, maybe the lady would leave her alone and maybe her mother would come get her and take her back home…..

The nudge the woman gave her on the shoulder, nudged her in the direction of the other children, leaving her alone with the other children. Her eyes darted up, quickly surveying all the other kids. The girls on the swing set were being too noisy, the boys looked too rough….but there was one boy.

He was about her age and had light red hair. He had on some dark blue jeans and had on a batman shirt and the look that he gave her, made her tug at the hems of her own bright pink dress. He seemed to be almost as interested in her as the sand that he squeezed out of his little fist, which wasn't a lot, but for some reason, she felt as if she was more at ease with him than the rest of the children. Under the eyes of the other children, she slowly walked up to the boy.

"M-may I sit with you?"

Her voice was timid and the boy's eyes widened a bit, but he nodded slightly, moving over to make room for her in the sandbox.

"Sure….I don't mind…"

She nodded in agreement, propping herself on her knees and putting herself in-between the boy and the edge of the box. She began to play with sand like the boy, her eyes darting up to look at the boy every few seconds.


"I know…I heard…I'm Alexander…." He looked up and dusted the sand off his palms, sticking one hand out towards her, "Nice to meet you…."

She took it, slowly and shyly, "Nice…nice to meet you too….."

Alexander smiled at her, making her look away in shyness, trying to mask her nervousness by playing with the sand again. The two played in silence for a moment, neither one of them really trying to force association with the other. They played in silence for fifteen minutes, until the teacher came back outside and called them back inside. The two stood up and walked slowly back into the class.

When they got back inside, there were plates of crackers and grapes, all laid on nicely on the little animal plates. Adriana sat down next to Alexander and just looked around and looked more specifically at him and the other kids.

The boy looked at her oddly for a moment, shoving a cracker into his mouth, "What's wrong?"

She looked at him, sadness in her eyes, "I don't like it here…I miss my mum…"

He swallowed, "Why? You have a friend here. I'm your friend!"

She looked at him, startled by his declaration, "But-."

"I thought we were friends when we played in the sandbox." He looked at her, confused for a moment, "Aren't we friends?"

"Uh….sure Alexander….of course we can be friends…." She smiled weakly and the boy smiled, something he obviously didn't do much, "I don't mind."

"Good…now gimme!" He reached over and took Adriana's crackers to her amusement and shoved them into his face as well, "Nummy…."

Adriana giggled at her new friend's food frenzy and from that began the lifelong friendship...