End of summer. Right before 7th grade

Adriana sat up in her bed, running a hand through her tussled brown hair. It was seven in the morning and she had no idea, why on Earth she was awake at this ungodly hour, especially considering the fact that she had been up late night trying to finish reading her book. She rubbed at her eyes and swung her arm out to try and switch of the lamp next to her clock. She couldn't do it blindly so she slipped on her glasses and just so happened to look upon a note that was scrawled out in her own sloppy, midnight handwriting.

Meet Alexander under tree at eight.

She darted up, forcing the blankets off of her and she shot out of bed, stumbling in a slight haze, on that could be mistaken for a drunkards walk. Her hands shot out in random directions and grabbed clothes from all parts of her closet. A skirt from here, a shirt from there and a pair of random boots from there. She shrugged them on, the mismoss pattern of neon emo clothes brightening her dark purple room. She ran out her room, grabbing her bag and bolted out the door, stuffing a bagel in her mouth as she ran.

She somehow managed to run all the way to the tree without stopping and she skidded to a halt out in front of the tree, stopping in front of a boy with reddish hair that was slowly turning blonder with each passing day. She bent over and placed her hands on her knees, breathing heavily.

"It seems a summer of soccer camp didn't do a thing for you did it?" The boy's voice was amused at his best friend and she glared at him.

"Shut…..up…..oh Christ…I needa sit down!" She plopped onto the grass, not even bothering to make it completely under the tree, "And so you know, I didn't even go to soccer camp this year! I went to my grandmother's!"

"Quit your yapping…I know you didn't go this summer! Sheesh!"

She threw a clump of dirt at him, grinning, "I see you haven't changed a bit have you?"

"Neither have you."

She deadpanned, "R-really? I haven't changed at all! Not in the slightest? Nada?"

"Nada." He stood up and walked over to her, standing her up as well, "So…I want food. You want to come eat with me?"

She glared, "No! I don't!"

She went and stomped off, leaving Alexander staring behind her in confusion.

The hell?

He was confused; Adriana had always had some slight temper issues, but this was unbelievable. She'd gotten mad at him and he hadn't even said anything. This was worse than the time he tried to get her to act more like a girl and put her in a dress.

What had he done this time? He ran back over the scene in his head, trying to figure out exactly what she'd gotten mad at. He remembered she'd gotten an attitude about him not saying she'd changed and he frowned, mentally flicking from images of Adriana before she'd left and the new Adriana that he just saw. She really hadn't changed…she was a bit taller and her chest bobbed a bit when she ran but that was-.

Oh. Oh.

The realization hit him sharply and the boy blushed momentarily before running after his close friend. He found her sitting on the swingset, her feet gently sweeping the dewy grass.

"Hey…"He sat next to her and began to swing slightly, staying in sync with her swinging. She didn't look up at him, instead keeping her eyes trained on the ground.

"Hi…what do you want?"

He bit his lip and looked down at the grass, blushing, "They're really nice you know?"


"They're nice…"

"What's nice?"

He gestured at her chest area weakly, "Them…"

She stared at him. Her eyes were wide and red began to creep up her face at a rapid pace before she reached over and punched him in the arm, returning her eyes to the ground. He winced and rubbed the now tender area.

"What was that for?"

"You eyeing my chest stupid!"

"B-but! I thought that's what you meant!" He sputtered out, confused, "You implied that something was different about you before and that I didn't notice and lettme tell you! You didn't have those…things...before you left here!"

"I meant my hair! I got a new haircut dipstick! And it's darker! I never asked you to look at my chest you moron!" She hissed her face still red. Alexander sighed and looked away, his own blush spreading across his face. An awkward silence filled the crisp morning air between them.

Alexander stopped his swing and stood up, his blush slowly going away before stretching out his limbs and looking at Adriana.

"Alright…awkward time over….you still want to get food?"

"S-sure..." She muttered before getting up and standing up with him, making a motion to shove her hands in her hoodie pocket, before realizing that she didn't have on a hoodie today. Her lip poked out in a slight pout and he sighed, shrugging off his own jacket and giving it to her.

"Here…" He said, shoving his hands in the pocket of his dark black jeans, "Just make sure you give it back."

She nodded slightly, putting it on her, the dark colors going in contrast with her neon colors and the sleeves fell over her hands, "It's big."

"I'll bet it is. Now come on….I'm hungry..."

"You've been hungry since I met you…."

He let out a stark laugh and she smiled lightly and the two began to walk down the empty streets to the nearest diner.