Black spikes of emotion push against my cage

Cracking the mask so it bleeds crimson

A scream, caught in my throat,

Suppressed for too long

My hands twitch with insanity

Needing to hold onto something

A hand gently, but firm with love

A neck, staining my hands red with anger

Cracking my head to the side, I observe

Am I crazy?

I know my mindless surrounders are blind

The seer's, seeing all, but does my underlying aura evade their vision?

Am I crazy? Has my insanity boiled over?

Visions of darkness, stained with crimson

Wide-awake nightmares so familiar,

They've grown comforting

What if they could see my aura?

Would they run from the frightening madness?

Digging my nails into my palm till I'm numb

Waiting for crimson to come

My eyes are wide, popping out of my head

Am I insane?
I am what I am, an inner me