A Night Alone

A night alone is empty
Without you by my side
There's loneliness aplenty
When in you I can't confide

A night alone is lifeless
Whenever you are gone
A bird is rendered flightless
A night alone is wrong

A night alone is dreary
I find I cannot sleep
My soul has grown too weary
My emptiness too deep

A night alone is joyless
I find I cannot smile
These lonely nights are loveless
I wish to weep awhile

A night alone is yearning
I hunger for your voice
My heart is ever-burning
And I cannot rejoice

A night alone is darkness
In which I cannot rest
My heart, in plainest starkness
Burns beneath my breast

A night alone? Tears fill my eyes
They flow, an endless flood
Sorrow sends not single spies
Battalions bring his blood