Disclaimer: This is all my material except for the siren's song which is an excerpt from a song i found on the internet. It's called The Song of the Leanan Sidhe. Prologue The icy cold water pressed down on his chest, forcing his remaining breath to escape his lips in tiny pinprick bubbles. The heavy water wasn't the only thing pushing down on him though; two slender hands were splayed against his chest, pushing him further into the depths of the ocean. "Please" he tried to say, but he was only rewarded with a mouthful of salty water that burnt his lungs. He could feel the life seeping out of him, relieving his body of its exhaustion; "Please lord, forgive me for my sins and open your holy gates unto thy soul" he prayed as he felt himself slip into oblivion, but through the darkness and haze of water, he saw her face once more, the most beautiful he had ever seen, her long hair flowing behind her like the water around them. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed was the dark outline of her tail, propelling them to the bottom of the ocean. Chapter One The wind roared in his ears, so loud he couldn't hear the panicked shouts of his crew, and the monstrous waves rocked the ship violently side to side. The storm was growing stronger every second; lightning crackled across the sky and the thunder was so loud it reverberated through his bones. With every wave another sailor was swept overboard, and he was quickly losing faith. Suddenly, he could hear the most beautiful voice singing to him through the storm, as clear as if the singer were right beside him. "I am a creature of the Fey Prepare to give your soul away My spell is passion and it is art My song can bind a human heart And if you chance to know my face My hold shall be your last embrace." Through the pounding rain he could see the desperate sailors running towards the voice; towards the stormy water. "STOP!" He cried out to them, but they couldn't hear him, they were entranced by the voice, by the siren. A sailor ran past him, and he grabbed him just before he leapt overboard, "It's a Siren! Don't listen to her song, she'll kill you!" He yelled in his face, shaking him, trying desperately to wake him from his trance. "Let me go! She's mine!" he pushed himself away and clumsily leapt overboard. The scene before him was one of utter chaos; one by one his shipmates were being claimed by the sea and her creatures and all the while the ship was being bludgeoned by the storm. He cast his eyes northward, and was terrified by what he saw; a gargantuan wave, rumbling and churning, building in momentum; and headed right in their direction. "MEN! PREPARE YOURSELVES!" but there was no one left to hear him. He frantically searched around him for something to hold onto; he found some rigging that had not yet come undone and wrapped the rope around his waist; looking toward the wave again, he knew it would serve no protection. The wave crashed down and engulfed the ship, ripping him from the deck and into the churning sea. The current fiercely pulled him back and forth and the waves pummelled him deep into the water. He kicked and pushed the water around him, trying to break the water's surface, but every time he got close he would be pushed down again. Just when he was about to give up, he felt something jerk him upwards towards the surface. Gulping mouthfuls of air, and still battling the waters that tried to push him down again, he looked around him for what had saved him. Swimming a safe distance away from him was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair that cascaded around her. Her beauty astounded him, never had he seen such glory. She was looking curiously at him, but suddenly her expression changed to one of anger. The singing slowly began once more and looking around him, he saw silver creatures swimming in circles around him in the water below. The figures rose out of the water; they were women with silver skin and fish tales, but seemed to be joint to the water around them. They had seaweed for hair and the hands that caressed his arms had sharps claws; they were both terrifying and entrancing. They continued to sing as they circled him, smiling at him as they pulled on his arms, "Come with us" they whispered, "we can make all your dreams come true". They were pulling him down, their faces becoming impatient, and their sharp nails cut into his arms. Sirens, he thought. He looked pleadingly back at the woman and watched as she dove into the water, a long, shimmering tail behind her. She's one of them, he realised, there is no hope, and I am going to die. He stopped struggling and the sirens pulled him under, their singing replaced with viscous screeches as they fought over him, in the distance he saw another one swimming towards them and he gratefully closed his eyes; he was so tired. He waited for the end, but it never came, opening his eyes he saw that the sirens were gone but before him was the blonde girl. She reached out to him, and then he lost consciousness.