Deep Love

Chapter 1: Just Before the Twilight Ended

It was almost twilight. The sun began its descent and the sky turned various shades of gray and orange. Candles began to light the entire hall of the hotel, lending it a warm glow and casting off the scent of a vanilla. The sound of classic piano played in a soft, light tune giving sophisticated and elegant touch to the event. Garlands of white roses draped on the staircase, on every flat surface and bits of petals dusted the polished marble floor.

And there she was, standing in the middle of the great hall, eyeing each guest and giving them a smile of gratitude.

"Aww...look at my baby. So beautiful."

She blushed slightly and smiled at the endearing fifty year old woman- her mother.

"Congratulations, sweetheart," her mother planted a kiss on her cheek. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks, mom," she gave her mom a hug and kissed her cheek, then watched as her mother turned to talk to the other guests, leaving her alone.

Weaving through a throng of people, she looked around the beautifully-decorated hall and all of a sudden, a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach had struck her.

It was him.

He was the only one who could make her feel that way- even after all these years.

She could feel the weight of his stare across the crowded hall of the hotel. Palpable and it always rocked her. She hated the excitement she felt knowing his presence, because it made her skin turned hot she thought she would self-combust. His presence was so strong it made her shudder and insecure. So insecure he might heard her heavy thrum of heartbeat.

And when her hazel-green eyes met his soft blue one, that was when her poor heart nearly stopped.

He just stared at her from across the hall. No words are formed and the tension between them snapped in the air. Heat rose on her cheeks as she saw a feral glint lighting his eyes just a second before it softened- even that familiar soft expression touched his face.

She thought he was deliciously dreamy- always.

While he spoke to whoever was speaking to him, he'd answer them without removing his gaze from her. It made her squirm. It was almost like he was touching her, but he wasn't. His gaze was unnerving...yet it was strangely erotic and sensual.

She quickly looked away to calm her racing heart, heaved a hefty breath and with the hem of her dress held tightly in one hand, she made her way to the giant staircase, just off the main entrance and away from the crowd. She walked along the quiet hotel corridor and stopped at the alcove. She stood there for a moment and closed her eyes, briefly. And that brought back every memory, his mouth against hers and the sensation of his hands moving against her skin...


Everybody called her by her name, but only one made it sound so special. That familiar sexy, raspy voice almost in a whisper washed over her, so close- as in right behind her- sent shiver down her spine. She knew it was him and she shook her head weakly.

She heard him chuckle. And the next thing she knew his hands were around her waist, keeping her body close to his. She didn't open her eyes, yet the heat from his body hovering hers- so warm, so comfortable. When he pulled her even closer to him, she nearly teetered. His familiar masculine scent closing in on her and she was nearly intoxicated.

He pushed her long auburn locks over one shoulder, fingers trailed down her bare back, catching the silk of her dress. A tingling sensation rushed through her body at the feel of his touch. His hand moved slowly across the cream-colored silk covering her flat stomach, brushing the outer curves of her breasts. It all made her breathing became difficult and her heart skipped several beats in its wake.

He was driving her crazy.

His chin nudged her neck, she tilted her head just a little bit to give him access, his warm lips found a spot just below her earlobe. The sigh on his hot breath caused butterfly to beat furiously against her stomach. "I can't believe you're mine," he whispered and kissed the soft spot below her earlobe, lingering there, inhaling her sweet scent and tasting her delicious skin. She thought her knees would give out from under her.

He turned her around and kept one hand around her waist. Her breath rushed from her lungs as she opened her eyes and stared at the most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen. The blue depths of his gaze stirred her insides and warmed her skin. He brought one hand to her face, gently running his fingers, marvelled at the softness and tenderness of her skin. He grazed her bottom lip with his thumb, slowly, before replacing it with his mouth. He kissed her so softly he felt her lips shiver against his. He moved his mouth to her ear, "I've waited so long for you...I don't know how much longer I can stand it."

"Then don't," she was surprised her tongue could form words at this moment.

A slow sexy smile formed on his lips. Those smoldering blue gaze saw nothing but her, filled with love and emotion. He lowered his head and settled his mouth against her. He brushed his lips across hers, then pulled back, then softly brushed them again. He moved his hand to the small of her back and pulled her gently but tightly against him while his mouth remained against her. Her breath escaped as he tasted her lips with his tongue, slowly sucking it, softly at first, then increased in pressure. Reaching up, she entwined her fingers in his short dark blond strands and kissed him back with equal passion. She always wanted to do that the moment her eyes caught the sight of him that late afternoon, and he was standing in his suit, smiling affectionately to her as she entered the hall.

With granted access, he took the exquisite taste inside her mouth. His tongue tasting, caressing hers with such slowness it made her breath catch. Then, he moved down to her throat, pressed gentle yet possessive kisses against her skin and she all pooled to the floor from the sensations washing over her. A soft moan escaped her mouth as his tongue came in contact with her neck, sucking the delicious skin. He made it even harder for her to breathe...

A loud clearing of throat snapped them both back to reality. They both turned to see a fifty-something year old man with a frown crinkled on his face.

"Dad," he said sheepishly, kept his arms wrapped around her.

"Cameron, I'm really happy that you're married to a beautiful young woman, really, but can't you guys wait for just few more hours? Just few damn hours and you guys can do whatever newlyweds do," his dad glared at them.

Heat rose to her cheeks and she brought up her fingers to soothe her kiss swollen lips, embarrassed for getting caught by her father-in-law. She glanced at her new husband and noticed his ears turned pink as he shyly looked down at his shoes in adorable way that almost made her knees sway a bit.

"I've been looking all over for you both. Now, come on. We're all waiting for you guys, dinner will be served in fifteen damn minutes," the old man straightened, gave a slight nod and strode back up to the hall.

Cameron muttered curse under his breath, then turned to Angel, his wife who he just married about three hours ago. She was his best friend for fifteen years, who was always there for him and always loved him unconditionally, who had his entire soul gaped open and vulnerable, just for her. Every time he looked at her, she became more beautiful, even more beautiful in her cream-colored wedding dress.

She turned to him and his gaze already fixed into hers with such affection. She smiled lovingly at him, her hazel-green eyes were somehow glassy but shone with love and every time she did that, his heart nearly stopped.

"We should go now," she said softly, tucking her hand in the crook of his arm.

"Yeah," he smiled at her, resting his forehead on hers. "We have plenty of time later...just you and I," he planted a soft kiss on her lips and she blushed. They held hands as they walked together along the corridor and chanced a peek into the large window, the twilight almost ended.

"Angel," he called again, stopping her. God, she loved it when he pronounced her name. He lifted her hand, kissed the finger that now held her wedding ring. "You're the most beautiful bride I've ever seen." Then, he lowered and gave a quick peck on her nose.

"I love you, my Angel," he whispered, his warm breath caressed her skin.

Her heart seared with joy whenever he phrased those three words and she knew she'd experienced only one thing more emotional, when they made their wedding vows just a moment ago. She looked around for a second before wrapping her arms around his neck and gave him a sweet kiss on his lips.

"I love you too, Cameron," she whispered back. The truth of her words glowed in her eyes.

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