What you must think of him; a coward, a yellow-belly. Turning away from his duty, sparing the guilty. Oh, what bitterness you must hold toward him, how your heart must be black with hate.

But yesterday, a man came by. He had his wife and three children with him. He said, "I wanted you to see what he had done, that no matter what any say of him, my children will love his name." Yes, my husband had saved him. You would have put him under the noose without hearing his case. But let me tell you, not one month after this man was spared, the guilty were found. You would have hanged an innocent man. But the knowledge would not have stopped you. I know, your hand did not pull the trigger, but it might as well have, for twas by your order that my man sleep six feet below.

But for all your planning and hate, my husband was a greater man than you ever will be. They all fear your name, afraid of what you could do if they looked at you strangely. But they loved my man, they knew that even if they crossed him they would get a fair trial.

Oh, that man who was here yesterday, he looked a lot like you. I was told your son disappeared ten years ago; twas ten years ago yesterday that my husband saved your son's life.

-The widow of a marshal.