First thing in the morning, and I'm fighting with my best friend.

My best friend who I'm kind of a little bit in love with.

Even though we're both guys.

"Do you know how pissed off my mom was, dude?" he's asking me, giving me a semi-hard push. I stumble back, then straighten up and frown, smoothing my wavy brown hair back into place, trying to decide if I want to strike back. I'm not some skinny little wimp, I was a decent height, weight, not enough muscle to make people look twice, but enough to keep bullies off my back.

However, I'm nothing compared to Jason. He was one of those greek God types, good body, broad build, hair that glinted off the moonlight. His hair was the same color as mine, but somehow, he made it work better. It had more volume, color, all that gay shit. I looked completely average next to him, making me often question why he had chosen to remain my best friend all these years.

I decide not to hit back just yet, mostly because the last time I did that, I ended up with a black eye, and he got away with a minorly brusied shoulder. But that's what I get, because Jason is a God, as I previously mentioned.

"Tommy, are you even listening to me?" Jason asks, souding even more pissed. Ugh, even my name is average. Tommy. Tom. I get the name of the cat who never catches the mouse, and Jason gets the name of a pshycotic serial killer who won't die. Life is so unfair. I was a masochist, no doubt, to spend all of my time with someone who made me look like the lump of coal naughty kids get for Chirstmas, while he went on shining like the diamond in the rough. Even more so, since I kind of was a little bit in love with him.

"Yeah, yeah." I'm listening, I finally answer, crossing my arms over my chest. A few kids are stopping in the hallway to stare at us, but we ignore them. "Why don't you just ask her to buy you another one?"

"Dude, that thing cost three hundred dollars!" Jason answers angrily. He's talking about his brand new ultra-cool phone, which I'd accidentally on purpose tried to flush down the toilet the day before. I shrug.

"Who needs to see someone's face when they're talking on the phone, anyway?"

He pushes me again, harder this time, and I have to put out a hand to catch myself.

"Tommy, what the fuck's your problem? Why'd you destroy my phone?"

What was my problem? What a dumbass, the insensitive jerk.

"Fuck you, figure it out for yourself." I hiss, turning and walking down the hallway. We both have free period right now, so I don't have anywhere to go. So I go outside and sit by my favorite tree, the one that looked like it came from a photograph.

Yesterday came back to me in a flash, still as clear as a day that wasn't today, because it looked like it might start to rain soon.

"Dude, pass me the remote, would ya?"

We're sitting in Jason's room, watching tv. It's a really boring show, so I'm not quite sure why we sat here and watched it for so long.

I lean over from my spot on Jason's carpet, reaching for the remote, which alludes my grip easily, remaining just out of my reach. I roll back onto my stomach, staring at the boring show.

"Can't reach it." I tell Jason, and he snorts.

"Lazy ass."

He gets up off his bed, heading for the remote. I stretch suddenly, reaching over to grab it before he does, and he launches himself forward to get to it before I do. But I'm able to snatch it and roll out of the way, just as he lands where I had been laying only seconds before.

"Hahaha!" I laugh, but my victory is short lived, because Jason tackles me. We wrestle for the remote, trying to pin each other down. I know I'll probably be the one down in the end, because I stood little chance against Jason when it came to who was stronger. And soon enough, he's sitting on top of me, trying to pry the remote from my unbudgin fingers.

"Give it!" he says, and I stick my tongue out at him, though I'm secretly enjoying the moment. I'd been kinda a little bit in love with Jason for quite a while now, but hadn't yet worked up the guts to tell him. So the current situation, with him sitting on top of me, wasn't all too bad, even if he was a little bit heavy.

"Your heavy." I complain, and he grins smugly.

"Give me the remote, and I'll get off you."

I sigh in defeat, and Jason rolls off me, holding out his hand. I sit up and hand it to him, trying to let out hands linger. But Jason, who's a clueless lug, just takes it and goes back to his bed. I pout for a second, but quickly wipe the look from my face before Jason can see it.

Jason changes the channel, and suddenly speaks up.

"Hey, guess what?"

"Hum?" a make a noise of bored curiousity.

"Jazz says, if you want, she can hook you up with one of her friends on our next date."

My heart sinks. Jazz. Stupid Jazz, with her beautiful blond curls, big bashfull blue eyes, perfect curves, and adorable dimples. She and Jason had been going out for three months now, and I hated it, cause then I got less time to spend with him.

"No thanks." I say, shaking my head. Jason frowns at me.

"Why won't you get a girlfriend?"

"Not intrested in anyone."

"No one at all?"

I look up at him, sitting crosslegged on his bed. I have the sudden, overwhelming urge to tell him how I feel. I shrug and look back at the floor.


"So there is someone!" Jason shouts, and I nod. There is, and he's sitting here in this room with me. I do not say this outloud though, even if I want too.

"Who?" Jason's eyes sparkle mischeivously. "What's she look like?"

"Umm, well...they have a good body," I start, carefull to avoid the word "she." Jason nods for me to go on, apparently not catching it.

"Gorgous brown hair, and beautiful green eyes." I say, looking into his eyes. "They're funny, smart, have a temper, and could kick my ass."

He laughs. "Every body could kick your ass. Sounds like a real babe though."

I supress a laugh by biting my lip, and only nod.

"Well don't keep me in the dark. What's her name?" Jason says, and I hesitate. Could I risk our friendship, to finally get my feelings out in the open?

Do it! my head screams. Do it, do it, do it!

"Their name is..." I start, preparing to take the plunge, my heart beating wildly. But just as I open my mouth to say that last word, the word that would change it all, his name, his phone rings.

"Hold on." he says, picking it. "Oh hey babe."

Jazz. Stupid stupid Jazz, who just ruined my chance at true happiness. Or saved me from enternal humiliation, I'm not sure, but I'm still pissed because here I am, ready to pour out my heart and soul to him, and he forgets all about me.

Angry and humiliated, I stand up, and rush him. He pulls back, surprised, but I snatch the phone away from him, and run. He follows after me, shouting at me to give it back, but I ignore him and run into his bathroom, locking the door behind me. Jason screams my name, pounding on the door as he hears me flush the toilet, and then the sound of his phone falling into the toilet a moment later.

Knowing he'll kick my ass if I open the door, I crawl out the bathroom window, and run home.

I sigh at the memory. I'd tried my hardest to avoid him all day, but he caugh me after fourth period, our free period.

I feel a drip of rain hit me on the head, and I look up gloomily. As if my day wasn't going bad enough, now the heavens were going to rub salt into the wound and make me cold and wet.

I sigh again, and bury my head in my knees, wondering wether or not I should just go home.


I look up at his voice, surprised to see that he looks guilty.

"What?" I mumble, and he sits down next to me, so close that our shoulders touch.

"I thought about it...and I think I figured out what's wrong."

"Yeah? What?" I ask, not totally convinced, but also begining to feel scared. If had figured it out, what next? Would he tell me our friendship was over, that he didn't hang with fags? Or would he just beat the crap out of me?

To my surprise, he stand up, and I wonder if he's about to run away. But instead he crouches down again, but this time he'd looking directly into my eyes, our faces only inches apart. My heart stops beating for a full three seconds. If he was about to do what I thought he was, then what did it mean? Did he like me too?

I don't have time to ask, because Jason leans forward and presses his lips against mine. I'm too surprised to do anything, which I guess he takes as an, 'it's okay,' because he presses even harder, crushing our lips together, pressing me into the tree. The rain is really coming down around us now, soaking us to the bone, but I no longer mind it.

I finally respond, lifting my hand and grabbing his shirt lightly. When I do, I can feel Jason't lips rise into a smile, before he pulls away a second later. I stare into his eyes breathlessly, then smile sheepishly.

"Sorry about your phone. And the fight."

He smiles back, shrugging. "Of course we're gonna fight." He kisses me again.

"Your just not allowed to leave me."

I am postively, absolutly, one hundred percent in love with him.