"Eraser Sponge" by Sha Ka Zu Lu Warrior, January 2012

Disclaimer: All the characters are the product of fiction. Any resemblance to the real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one is should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: Port de Vincennes was about 3-5 mins from the hotel. And I was walking.

Eraser Sponge

There was nothing really great about the area sorrounding the hotel. However, the closest metro station, Port de Vincennes was about 3-5 mins from the hotel. And I was walking. The hotel did not impress me at all. The room didn't look like a 3-star hotel room. There was a lot of mildew on the bathroom tiles. But the story of coach Bernie Fiddle sexually molesting defenseless little boys ... it made me wish evil to all the men in the world.

- Jennifer? Jennifer Harper? I stood motionless, watching the familiar face in front of me, gaping like some addict. Jerry Sandusky? Don't you ... remember me?

- I ..., I tried to walk away, but "Jerry" was persistant.

- Hey ..., he overtook me, smiling. It was YOU who wished to know more about the "Cathe Nation".

- Oh ..., I acted desperately, ... it's true!

After a while we were seated within a cafe, listening to some cozy music. There were ominous grey clouds rolling on the horizon. Even the wind increased.

- You asked me how the Cathe nation got jobs aftr WW II was over ..., he grinned measuring my breasts in secret, ... they had to hide their nervousness! I watched some girls spray themsleves with water bottles outside. Police Officer was smiling since they had no bras underneath their T-shirts.

- So ... the difference between the individual and a nation is ..., I started, testing my companion's focus.

- Is that not EVERYONE of the nation that supported Adolf Hitler gets on drugs ...

- Oh? ... My lip curled into a sneer unconsciously. How's that?

- Because you can't make the genocide a crime ...

I sat stunned by the realization of this simple truth. The individual's nervousness would not necessarily make him "visible" as a member of a nation as long as he could, "somehow" hide his nervousness. Jerry noticed I was happy and ordered another tour of drinks.

On the morning we were leaving, the chambermaid came in the room without knocking and when she saw that I was still inside the room, instead of apologizing and leaving, she looked around the room and saw the money we had left her for tip on the ashtray and asked me to give it to her. Somehow ... I could "feel" she was of the "Cathe" nation ...