I was walking one afternoon when I saw someone. The strange handsome guy leaning on a tree but something was….. Off about him he gave me a since of danger but yet something ells I'd never felt before. I blinked and he was gone (he was in front of me) so I keeps walking his gaze still fallowing me, or at least it felt like It did.

So I got up and went to school the next day. As soon as I got out of the car there he was leaning agents one of the poles like nothing mattered, and some how he was looking at me, but his face wasn't facing me. I don't know how but something seamed like he was some how doing it, and something about him was defiantly strange. I walked past all the groups of snobs and cheerleaders to see this…. I don't even know how to describe him, handsome maybe, no not good enough but there stood this perfectly muscular goy dark black hair swished over his eyes. His hands in the pocket of his jeans that looked frayed look to them. He was AMAZING! Then as I saw him a feeling id felt only once before the first time I saw him came back and my cheeks for some reason went hot. So I went to turn away only to take a step and feel something on my shoulder, at first my reaction is "yell rape, run like the wind, or fight the hell back" but I looked back to see it was him and through his hair I was piercing black eyes. Its like I slipped away for a moment the next thing I realized was I was in his arms and I heard a name and a voice that matched him well say "My names Jev." He said "Nice to meet you Angel" only after that I heard the bell ring and apparently it surprised him because then I hit the pavement, and boy did it hurt BAD!