I woke up to the sound of screams. Panicked, I rushed around, only to realize it was me. More and more frequently, id been having horrid nightmares. I didn't know why at the time. I know why now, I don't think I could forget if I tried.

The nightmares should have been the first clue, but I of course brushed it off. The man should have been the second.

In my nightmares, I was on a street and a car would come barreling towards me. At the last minute, the car would swerve to the right and a man would step out. I shouldn't really call him a man. He was more of a monster. He had bright red eyes, and blue skin. With his 2 horns protruding from his forehead, he really looked quite fierce.

He just stood there, glaring at me. He never said anything. Until that last night. He stared at me for a few moments, then, in a raspy, harsh voice said "You. Follow." so I did.

He lead me through an alley, and into a dingy bar called "The Robots Arm". We walked over to the bar, and the man nodded to the bartender and took me back into a dark room.

"Sit. Wait." I was commanded. So I sat in the chair nearest the door and waited silently while this monster stared me down. I sat fiddling my thumbs, waiting for something to happen.

All of a sudden, a boomed from behind me, slowly walking to the other end of the room. "you've made it. Good." and the man lunged for me.

The man who had spoke stood in the shadows, but I could tell he was tall, and had horns on his head, like the other man. Not the kind of guy you would like to mess with. So when I woke up, tied to a stone table with him leaning over me, I didn't struggle. As I lay there, he began to speak.

"I expect your wondering why I brought you here." I couldn't answer because my mouth was bound shut. "clearly you're uncomfortable. I would release you, but you might run. Ill just have to trust that you wont."

so he reached around me to untie all the bindings. He started with my feet, and then moved to my hands, then finally he released my jaws. Now that he was standing in the light,i could see that he was quite handsome. With dark brown, almost black, hair, caramel skin and glowing emerald eyes, he gave off an air of sophistication. He did have horns, but only small ones. They were kind of cute, I a perverse way.

He stared at me. His gorgeous eyes seemed to pierce into my very soul. It scared me to see him calmly staring at me. I was so scared I screamed. That was when I woke up.

I sat, thanking God it was over. But as the wind was blowing, instead of the usual howl, there was a thick, tired voice telling me to follow.

I don't know why I followed it, but I did. The voice led me through the park down the street, through the neighborhood, and into a familiar alley.

"i see you followed once again. I knew you would be a good choice." rasped the green eyed man.

"What do you want from me?" I yelled at him.

"Your scared. How wise of you. Come with me." and he snapped his fingers. I didn't want to follow, but my feet began to move of their own accord. Some magic spell or enchantment propelled them forward. At this point I was terrified. Of what, I don't know. I just know that nothing had ever scared me like that before, and nothing ever would again.

He led me back to the room within the Robots Arm. Once again, I was commanded to sit, and once again, my body moved of its own will. Once I was sitting, the man sat at the other end of the room.

"you said I was chosen. What for?" I inquired.

"You shall know, in due time." he replied evasively.

"What if I want to know now?"

"Then I'm afraid you will be disappointed."

I went to speak again, but he shushed me. Finally, I squeaked out "this is still a dream, right?"

he looked me dead in the eyes. "It never was."

I started to cry. I expected him to stop me when he stood up and walked over, but he didn't. He turned my chair away from the table, took my hands from my face and led me out the door.

We weren't in the Robots Arm anymore, but in a beautiful, lush field. "Where are we?" I got out between sobs.

"Shush! Be quiet!" he grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "stop your sniffling. It will do you no good. You are one of us now." he said harshly.

I calmed my sobs. "People will notice I'm gone." I stated defensively.

"No. they wont. Everyone thinks your dead." my face fell when he said this. I knew it to be true. When it sunk in, I collapsed into a heap on the floor.

"okay." I said, dejectedly. "whatever you say." I had nothing left to live for, so why bother fighting?

"Good. Now follow." I didn't know where he was taking me. I still don't know. I don't think I ever will.