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By: darkdreamerx


There was a thick cloud, maybe a haze...

even a heavy fog.

But not anymore.

There are things I cannot control,

and there are things I can.

I am controlling the storm, the darkness

and the confusion.

I'm not walking blind.

My eyes are wide open.

I am taking in what I can.

And leaving what I can't.

Step, step, step...I can hear them.

Moving forward, unafraid.

Not stuck, not lost.

Anxiety leaves, hope comes.

Don't stop, there's so much more.

So much more.

Got a voice, and drive,

and a vision.

Support helps, I'm not alone.

Never alone.

When I'm by myself, I'm okay.


Okay to dream and make them capable.

No, I'm not standing still.

Thoughts in my mind always going.

Appreciative, grateful, happy.

Go, go, go!

I never lost the race,

I just prolonged the win.