Reality was supposed to be the place where you wanted to escape from but never could. Reality was the place you were born and died. Reality was the boundaries of life. Yet, this being said, nothing is ever as it seems. There are unfathomable things beyond those boundaries but the human mind, as said before, is closed. They are closed so tightly that the boundaries, once only imagined, suddenly became concrete. As a father teaches his son and a mother her daughter, theses boundaries began to stabilize through generations. Children were spoon fed the "logical" ideas that made up the barriers that encircled the mind. Logic was taught in homes and schools and soon, what once was just ideas that made up the boundaries became truth.

Truth can be manipulated, changed, rewritten even, but only by those who have enough logic or imagination to do so. A small event can be enlarged but that is not true manipulation. It stays within the boundaries for the most part and even the more extreme are banished from the mind and sketched into old texts ever to be seen again. No, true manipulation of the truth involves taking the truth and dragging it past the logical boundaries. A good example of this would be the invention of the airplane. The many men and women who were called lunatics and insane for attempting to fly, were not in such a mental state as many came to believe; they only took an idea and dragged it past the boundary, albeit, not far enough. It was a brilliant idea, and might have worked a few centuries earlier but those centuries had passed and the boundary, since identified, had been stabilized. The human body had evolved to conform within the boundaries created. No longer would it be physically possible to reach beyond the boundaries of the mind and bring them into the physical world.

People soon began to realize their mistake. Though it was too late to change it, they tried to work around it. The Wright brothers were the first to succeed at making a contraption that could fly. It was an on-edge idea, one that was at the very edge of tipping over the boundary but it was just enough of both to make flying possible in the physical world. After all, it wasn't the person who was physically flying, it was a contraption that was doing to flying for them of course backed up by a scientific theory.

And so the world went on, never really understanding what they had lost and never really recognizing the boundary that held them in. Humans made fire, guns, objects that held power but the power was always confined to an object. Without a gun in a war, a soldier would be weaponless in the sense that he himself could not make the explosion without the necessary physical tools. Jobs were wasted or, in a worldly view, gained as hospitals grew. Equipment was made to replace the evident self-healing prospects beyond the boundary but without the boundary would we ever need them? Would we need more room for the people if without the boundary we might have been able to find other planets inhabitable? With the boundary, there are so many "what if's" that one's mind could explode thinking about it.

I say we have lost much by creating the boundary, confining reality, that this concept applies to the whole world but I stand to be corrected. If you walk into a library, you have the section based on reality, and the section where people called writers have found cracks in the boundary. This genre,beginning beyond the walls, is called fiction and it is written by those who have seen the other side and have not decided to act upon it but write about it. These people hold clues as to what the world is missing out on. To write something real, something alluring to pull a reader in, must it not be vivid in the Writer's mind?

…I am afraid I have left this on a morbid tone. I myself am one of those gifted people who can see past those ideal walls and have chosen to write about it but this story is not about me. No, it is about a girl more gifted then you and I. To you, dear reader, I will impart this small secret. There are those who write and those who live beyond these boundaries. Those who live beyond those boundaries are few in number and many die young, confusing reality and what their mind sees, dying behind those walls in their physical form, leaving their mind to roam beyond reality. It is not easy for one to live with a body in reality and a mind in the Beyond. Many end up in insane asylums, unable to control with they have been given. It is not their fault their bodies are so weak to the Beyond, logic pounded into them, breed through them by their linage, it is only natural.

I have already said to much for one who only writes and does not walk in the steps of those who walk in the Beyond. I shall stay quiet now, and focus on the task at hand, for I shall tell you this. The story of a Beyonder is that of one that will blow your mortal mind.

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