A leaf ambled past us on a journey of its own as we walked the empty streets. Dusk had fallen and the slight breeze that blew lazily carried a hint of the coming winter's chill. Tonight everything was peaceful for a change. There were no imps to track, no dream trappers flew through the air. Tonight promised to be a quick skim and nothing more.

The other Akana, or by human terms angels, that were assigned to protection with me were hoping for something to happen but not me. I was glad for the still quiet, we didn't need to be fighting for us to guard the humans. Sometimes just a stroll down the street is protection enough, I have seen it on many sleeping humans. I slowed to a slow walk and let Leon and Rizanda get ahead of me. They talked quietly to each other for awhile then Leon came back to talk to me.

"Why so quiet Sky?" Leon grinned at me, his long blonde hair ruffling in the wind. "Pixie got your tongue?"

I chuckled. "Hardly. Just enjoying the fact that there's nothing out here to fight."

He nodded and walked a couple steps ahead of me then began walking backwards. His hazel eyes sparkled and he fanned out his pale turquoise wings. "Then Sky, since there is nothing real to fight, what do you say to a fight of our own?" He drew his gold sword and waved it at me. "Just a tiny fight? Unless you can no longer rise to meet my challenges?"

I gasped and looked around. "Leon! What are you doing? The humans, the watchers…if they see us…"

He grinned at me. "Sky! They can't see us. Only if we want them to. So currently all three of us are invisible except to our own kind and the legendary sylphs. Knowing that is so, what say you?"

I grinned and drew my emerald sword out in return. "Then it is on Leon. Attack me…if you can that is."

He laughed and the wind started swaying through the trees. "If I can? Please. Tell me that you are not implying that I can fail?"

I shook my head at him, it was just like him to show off his powers. "Your right, I didn't imply anything. I said it." With that, I spread open my gray spotted wings and took to the air, reveling in the wind that played through my feathers. I turned in midair to check if he followed and Leon was nowhere to be seen. With a chuckle, I turned back around to see him standing in front of me.

"Leon! How-you-" I dived at him hoping to knock him out of the air. He ducked easily and grabbed my foot as I sailed over him.

"Lesson one remember? Don't turn your back and always be aware of your surroundings."

We spiraled through the air fighting each other and when we came back down Rizanda was waiting for us with her red wings spread wide and her sword standing ready at her side.

"Leon Von Asher. Sky James RiverSong. What do you two think you were doing?"

I glanced at Leon who was fixing a few feathers on his wings and answered. "Practice fight. Just in case something was to show up. Or you could consider it more training."

She folded in her red wings and put her sword away. "You could have been seen. Rumors have reached me of humans who can see us past our disguises." She resumed her stroll down the road and we trailed a few feet behind her. "Just last week one of our scouts went missing, something about a tear nymph. One has yet to return from yesterdays battle in the forest." We exchanged worried glances at this piece of news. The fight in the forest was supposed to be easy. We picked up our walking pace and she continued. "That is bad, but there is one other news that worries me more." She stopped and turned towards us looking worried. "One of our people have broken the forbidden rule: they fell in love with a mortal."