An uneasy mumble rippled through the crowd and Rizanda looked stunned. As the group grew louder Leon shot open his wings and held up his hands. But it was Seah who took control.

"Quiet. Let Sky explain." She nodded at me. "Perhaps it would be best to start from the beginning."

I looked down and began slowly. "It started when we were making our rounds on patrol. Everything was calm, all was how it was supposed to be. I heard a noise and decided to investigate. It turned out to be nothing."

Rizanda frowned. "It had to be something. What was it?"

I turned red and looked down. "It was a rather large and in much need of help cat."

Leon chuckled. "A cat? Only you would find that to investigate."

Seah turned to Leon. "It could have been something else, he was just being careful." She turned back to me. "Continue please."

I fiddled with a thread that had worked its way free. "Perhaps it would be easier for me to show you what happened from there."

Seah looked thoughtful then nodded. "Come up here and show us what you saw, it will help us to understand better."

I came and stood in front of everyone and opened my mind to the room. "You will see as I did. The memory will start from where I found the cat and was about to take it in its house."

Crawled through the window, heard someone behind me. Scrambled inside staying invisible and held the cat. Turned and saw a human girl come in the same window I had vacated.

"Another night done, another day with them." The girl sighed and straightened.

Rizandas voice carried through the memory. "Is this the one you spoke of?"

"No, there is another still to come. Watch and soon it will become apparent."

Clutched the cat closer to my chest. Cat lets out a grumble of protest and girl looked around the room.

"Mr. Peeps? Where are you baby boy?"

Leon laughed. "Mr. Peeps? How cute. How…human."

She tucked a strand of long brown hair behind her ear and bent down to look under the bed that I was sitting on. Cautiously put cat beside me, slowly got off the bed and sent a cat toy flying.

She whirled around. "What was that? Peeps, there is something going on here." She walks slowly to where I had sat and was about to reach out her arm to touch the seemingly empty chair when a voice distracted her.

Seah hissed and came up to me. "Careless. Reckless. You could have exposed us all."

I winced and spoke softly. "But I did not. If you keep watching you will see that."

Through the haze of the continuing memory I watched Seah nod. I returned to watching along with the rest of them.

" Jenniel Heaven Rienker!"

Jenniel looked worried, then looked angry. Began going through closet.

"Yes? Didn't you read the closed sign on the door?"

"My house. You're my daughter. It's my right to enter as I choose." Her mother picked up the cat toy I had sent her way and tossed it on her bed. "Keep this room clean."

"Is this one human Sky? She seems human enough."

"That's what I thought. Keep watching."

Looked around the spotless room and wondered what she could have possibly found fault with.

"Right. Because this room is such a mess that you have to pretend it's actually spotless. You wanted something?" She walked to her desk, picks up a pencil and began writing. "I am actually busy here."

"You snuck out. Again. For the third time this week. I will not have it." She waved her hands at the windows and they all slammed shut.

"Just because she made the windows shut doesn't mean she's one of them. She could be one of the witches order, or perhaps they are faulty windows." One of the vamps from the crowd spoke as she debated what she saw. "That is a basic trick to anyone with enough magick in their blood."

"I know. But the proof is what comes next."

Tried to tug one window open, didn't move. Mothers next words froze me mid-tug.

"As for your visitors that come in here, they will also be leaving." Turn slowly and see her smiling right at me. Gave a small nod at me.

The whole room gave an audible gasp and began talking fearfully amongst themselves. I felt the rising terror sweep through the room and I focused on the last of the memory.

She flipped back her red hair and continued. "Jenniel, you won't be able to leave this house without my knowledge, it has been seen to personally that you won't have a feather of a chance to go out after midnight." She turned and walked out of the room and I caught a glowing silver tattoo on her ankle. It was one of the sylphs.

The memory ended and I was met by a room full of blank terror. Then the panic was unleashed.

"What are we going to do now?"

"They are-were-are banned!"

"How? By whose order?"

"It's not possible. Maybe we should run."


"ENOUGH!" Rizanda pulled out her sword and slammed her fist on the podium, breaking it. Seah spanned out her wings to their full span and stood beside her.


The room quieted and sank back down into their seats. When it was back down to a subdued quiet Rizanda turned to me, her expression grim.

"Sky, I hate to issue this, but it needs to be done. You are to return to the mortal world. To be exact, you are to return there and stay. This is an order."