Time seems to pass

Whenever I'm with you

Time seems to last

No matter what we do

We sleep, we talk,

We just spend time together

We kiss, we cuddle,

We do things that could last forever

If we have things to do

We forget it

If we have things to say

We will just say it

Time is precious to us

It passes without notice

Time is trust

In your partner and in yourself

One moment you could be friends

Which is amazing at the time

But the next it could be the end

Then the days become dark once again

Time is so simple and sweet

I can be happy and loved

Yet it is also a bitter treat

When I feel depressed and upset

Time is a friend

Time is an enemy

Time never ends

Time can be good or bad for me

Time is a word

Time is a phase

Time can be heard

More time is what I pray