Only for a moment did we last

Now everything about us is a part of our past

We used to enjoy each other's company

Now you don't want anything to do with me

People pretend that they understand

Now I want to leave this band

Leave me alone to think

All you're doing is causing me to continue to sink

I don't want another guy

I need more time to myself and cry

My friends already gave up since they thought I was broken

It too early for me to recover so I am still sullen

There is one guy I want to confide in

But I don't think I can truly trust him

He is everything I want

He is someone I would want to flaunt

But he has someone else

And I'm not jealous

I want everyone with bravado

To just leave me alone and be solo

When I am ready I will talk

But a part of my heart will stay locked

For now I just need space

I need to leave this place

It is full of memories of him

And it just makes me feel grim

I may never return to the old me

But I need to let go and be free

*I dedicate this to MsColourLee in hopes that when you ever need someone to talk to you will talk.*
*Hopefully I haven't crossed any barrier with writing this poem.*