Deep sorrow

Her grief was like a tide, flooding her emotions. Pained; that he had gone. Anger; that he had abandoned her. Lost; as she had no inkling of what she had to do.

Time seemed to stand still. The world seemed to stop spinning. Darkness came at her like a colony of wasps, blinding her. She could see nothing even though it was day, only the darkness that had clouded her vision. Her senses were heightened and alert but she was aware of nothing with certainty.

Every choking breath she took was either too much or too little, sometimes none at all. Hot blood pounded through her aching head and she felt nauseous,

It hurt.

Her hands gripped at the roots of her unkempt hair in anguish. Inhuman moans escaping through her cracked lips as she struggled to get hold of reality to no avail. It slid all too easily away from her, as if she was trying to grab water with her bare hands.


Sensory gave way to numbness. Light turned to darkness as she retreated into the back of her mind, grieving for her lost father…