In a distant village beyond the gates of time, space, and distortion, there was a proud guild master and his pack of fighting dragons. The youngest of the group, color rivaling to the sun with a feisty attitude to match, was named Orange Dragon.

Due to his generic name, he was often the target of bullying amongst his peers and the townspeople. That is, until he decided to fight back one day by destroying bridges in a rampage. No other dragon could own up to his anger, and because the villagers could not always afford to rebuild the bridges (and because they lacked the attention span to do so), they managed to coax one of the local girls into going on a "quest" of sorts. A lanky, stony-eyed blonde named Tangerina was the chosen victim.

The quest itself was quite simple: Tangerina was to visit a local grocery store and purchase an apple juice box that could tame the mighty Orange Dragon. This was made quite difficult by a self-proclaimed rogue named Romeo, a fairly charming man with curly black hair and an easily spotted cape. Tangerina outbidded him in the juice wars, and he vowed pompously his revenge in the near future, though most of his plots had failed due to his lack of planning and following through.

Upon her return, Juice Box was gifted to Orange Dragon, drowning his desire for vengeance, and peace was restored momentarily. That is, until Romeo struck that night, easily swiping Juice Box from the brash Orange Dragon.

Upon the terrible news, the villagers panicked and ran, leaving Tangerina to resolve the issue at hand. Aided by the powerful, but aged, Portal Man, Tangerina was able to cross multiple dimensions and worlds, until finally stepping into Romeo's home world, The Wonderful World of Rogues. There, Romeo, who legally changed his name to Juice Thief Romeo (or J.T Romeo for short), was waiting for the duo. Instead of directly confronting the man, Tangerina, in her peace loving ways, chose to sneak inside and steal back Juice Box. Their lack of thieving skills made them easy bait for J.T Romeo, but before they could be imprisoned, Portal Man summoned a great circle of light, nearly blinding the thief, before trapping him in the World of Infinite Portals.

Upon the good news of his precious Juice Box's return, Orange Dragon held a grand festival for all. He was still teased because of his generic name, but now he couldn't care less.

Around a week later, The Security of Juice Boxes law was passed after the one day anniversary of Orange Dragon and Juice Box. The logic was that juice was a great drink, and without it, small children would be sad. It certainly explained Orange Dragon's behavior and personality, but that comment would only receive an unintelligible retort.